Grand Marnier

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Grand Marnier:

see liqueurliqueur
, strong alcoholic beverage made of almost neutral spirits, flavored with herb mixtures, fruits, or other materials, and usually sweetened. The name derives from the Latin word to melt.
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The portfolio includes: Grand Marnier Liqueurs, GM Titanium, KAPPA Pisco, Lapostolle and Chateau de Sancerre wines.
While waiting, lightly whip the cream and add the remaining sugar and Grand Marnier.
It allows the crisp and complex flavors of the cognac to shine through while retaining the smooth unrecognizable taste of Grand Marnier.
Whip the cream and flavour with the caster sugar and Grand Marnier and refrigerate until you are ready.
In the years following its creation and introduction, Grand Marnier became a bar staple across the globe and the bell shaped bottle an instantly recognizable icon.
Next week, consumers visiting Sainsbury's and Tesco in the south east can pick up a free glass of the 'grand cafe' serve, which consists of coffee with a dash of Grand Marnier and a cream float.
From a Sloe Gin Fizz; Sea Scallops Wrapped with Bacon; Salad Nicoise with Pan-Seared Tuna; and Velvet Lobster Bisque; to Shrimp Alexander with Beurre Blanc; Morton's Legendary Chocolate Cake; Cold Grand Marnier Souffle; and Apricot Chutney, Morton's Stake Bible proves itself to be so much more than just another steak book.
The recipe I was working on was a chocolate dessert, which required some Grand Marnier, an orange brandy liqueur.
Peter Austen, who runs The Clifton Sausage in Bristol, is offering REINDEER sausages, mashed potato with orange and Grand Marnier gravy as a festive treat.
For its part, Schieffelin & Somerset [which will be renamed Schieffelin] will continue to manage the brands owned by Moet Hennessy, Marnier Lapostolle and Ruffino, which include Hennessy Cognac, Moet & Chandon, Dore Perignon, Grand Marnier, Domaine Chandon, Ruffino and Casa Lapastolle.
The menu features both Peruvian and international cuisine, and this is home to a legendary dessert, a chocolate souffle bathed in Grand Marnier, well worth the 20-minute wait for its preparation.
To make it my own I have added some ground ginger, which goes really well, and to some custard I have added some orange zest and Grand Marnier liqueur.