Grand River

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Grand River.

1 River, 260 mi (418 km) long, rising in S Mich. and flowing N to Lansing, then NW to Lake Michigan at Grand Haven. It is the longest river in the state and is navigable to the city of Grand Rapids, which grew there because of the availability of waterpower. 2 River, rising in SW N.Dak. and flowing 209 mi (336 km) SE through S.Dak. to the Missouri River near Mobridge. Shadehill Dam (1951), located on the river, was built for flood control and irrigation as part of the Missouri River basin project. 3 River in Okla.: see NeoshoNeosho
, river, c.460 mi (740 km) long, rising in E central Kansas and flowing southeast into NE Okla. (where it is generally known as the Grand River) then south to join the Arkansas River near Muskogee, Okla.
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, river; Pensacola DamPensacola Dam,
145 ft (44 m) high and 6,500 ft (1,980 m) long, on the Grand River (local name of the Neosho), NE Okla., NE of Tulsa; built 1938–41 by the state of Oklahoma.
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Grand River,

c.165 mi (270 km) long, rising in the highlands of the Ontario Peninsula, S Ont., Canada, and flowing S past Kitchener and Brantford, then SE to Lake Erie at Port Maitland. It is navigable for c.70 mi (110 km) upstream. The river drains one of the most populated regions of Canada.
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Headquartered in Grandville, Michigan, Grand River Commerce, Inc.
While the restoration plan aims to expand recreational opportunities on Grand River, it will also significantly improve conditions for snuffbox mussels, which thrive in clean and free-flowing rivers.
Collection of Silver Shiners, habitat surveys and underwater observations occurred from April to November in the Grand River near Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, over a distance of approximately 10.5 river km from 2006 to 2015 (Fig.
The combined cycle plant is owned by the Grand River Dam Authority, located in Chouteau, Oklahoma.
Critique: Author Rick Monture is a member of the Mohawk nation, Turtle clan, from Six Nations of the Grand River Terrory and Director of the Indigenous Studies Program at McMaster University (Ontario, Canada).
The Grand River Grannies' mandate is to raise awareness about the plight of African grandmothers and to raise funds to support the Stephen Lewis Foundation and its work with grassroots projects.
The Grand River Project was eligible for and won in the "Outstanding Alternative Fuel Project (cement or lime company)" category.
Ltd will produce three of Grand River Enterprises' premium brands in its New Providence factory using equipment leased from the Canadian affiliate, said Wilson.
The Lansing Grand River assembly plant currently has 971 hourly and salaried employees.
In fact, an extreme freeze in January 2009 damaged vinifera grapes in the Grand River Valley.
February 19 2010 -- Poultry processor Grand River Foods will use a loan of CAD 1.2 million to improve efficiency, it has been announced.

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