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(both: sär`jĕntē), a type of tenuretenure,
in law, manner in which property in land is held. The nature of tenure has long been of great importance, both in law and in the broader economic and political context.
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 in English feudalism in which the tenant held his lands from the king or overlord in return for the performance of some personal, often menial, service. Examples of such duties ranged from that of king's constable or chamberlain to that of supplying arrows for an overlord when he went hunting. This method of landholding was less widespread than other forms of tenure, such as knight service (see knightknight,
in ancient and medieval history, a noble who did military service as a mounted warrior. The Knight in Ancient History

In ancient history, as in Athens and Rome, the knight was a noble of the second class who in military service had to furnish his own mount
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 (2)) and socage, by which serjeanty was largely superseded. Such tenures were nontransferable and indivisible but could be inherited. A remnant of the custom survives in certain ceremonial offices at royal coronations.
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