pas de deux

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pas de deux

Ballet a sequence for two dancers

Pas de Deux


one of the basic dance forms in ballet. It consists of an entrée, an adagio (the lyrical part danced by both dancers), an allegro in two variations (solos by the male and female dancers), and a jointly danced coda. The ballets of P. I. Tchaikovsky provide the best examples of pas de deux.

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Bocca will be dancing the ``Don Quixote'' grand pas de deux, ``Tango Vivo'' and ``Sinfonia Entrelazada.
Baryshnikov's sharp, precise movements in the battle scene and his technical purity in the grand pas de deux, not to mention his grace and charisma, remain unmatched.
And everyone wanted to know why, when they ostensibly disdained the cliches of The Nutcracker, they got tears in their eyes every time miniature angels tripped onstage or the Sugar Plum Fairy leaped into her cavalier's arms to all those wonderfully overwrought crescendos in the grand pas de deux.
She was also challenged technically, especially in the second act, where the grand pas de deux comes shortly after the "Waltz of the Flowers.
The grand pas de deux from Robert La Fosse's Stars and Stripes Forever was an unannounced bonus.
Murphy, in the grand pas de deux, inserted double pirouettes between her fouettes.
Nor could coach Winthrop Corey smooth over the relentless demands of Petipa in the grand pas de deux from The Sleeping Beauty for Round III.
The most hilarious contribution was Christian Spuck's Le Grand Pas de Deux, a string of involuntary accidents (a la Jerome Robbins's The Concert), danced with tongue-in-cheek comic flair by nominee Robert Tewsley and his Stuttgart partner Julia Kraemer.
The Bolshoi Ballet's tribute consisted of excerpts and short works--many of which had been created for Maximova--including Yuri Grigorovich's Nutcracker; Kasyan Goleyzovsky's Mazurka; Vasiliev's Classical Pas de Deux, Biography of an Artist's Life, and Anyuta; and the grand pas de deux from Don Quixote.