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grandfather clause,

provision in constitutions (adopted 1895–1910) of seven post–Reconstruction Southern states that exempted those persons who had been eligible to vote on Jan. 1, 1867, and their descendants from rigid economic and literacy requirements for voting. Since African Americans had not yet been enfranchised on that date, the provision effectively barred them from the polls while granting voting rights to poor and illiterate whites. Such provisions were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1915. The term grandfather clause is now applied to any kind of legal exemption based on prior status.
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(17) Since it would require legislative action to amend this statutory provision, repealing the Grandfather Provision is outside the scope of the Federal Reserve's authority.
This retroactive transitional election is in addition to the election described above that allowed a taxpayer who sold a principal residence after the date of enactment of the new law to choose whether he or she wants to be treated under a grandfather provision. (94)
Furthermore, the language of the prohibition, the grandfather provision and other exceptions to the prohibition, and the prohibition's potential impact on other perquisites and programs also raise many questions of interpretation and application.
But now the grandfather provision has been repealed, so all debt is subject to the same rules.
The proposal rules out a grandfather provision to give current B.S.-holders automatic equivalence to future Pharm.D.
However, some synthetic materials are allowed under a grandfather provision. Examples are copper sulfate, copper hydroxide and lime.
AMHCA is seeking a more inclusive grandfather provision that will enable all demonstrably well-qualified practitioners to participate in the program.
That promise, repeated from podiums across the country as the candidate and then president stumped for support for his health care agenda, took shape in the grandfather provision, a key element for employer-based health care plans in the legislation that eventually emerged from Congress.
To be able to keep the speedway going under the grandfather provision, the owners would have to show that the facility is no larger now than it was in 1972, Howe said.
"We solved that with the grandfather provision for the exam.
25, 1985, "but only to the extent that such transfer is not made out of corpus added to the trust after September 25, 1985." This grandfather provision protects the reliance interests of trust settlers who established irrevocable trusts before the legislative introduction of the GST; the prohibition on additions prevents abuses.
The zoning text includes a grandfather provision for projects previously approved such as Donald Trump's Riverside South and Brighton-by-the Sea.