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, Ger. Gran, city (1991 est. pop. 29,751), N Hungary, on the Danube River and the border of Slovakia. It is a county administrative center, a river port, and a railroad terminus.
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, Hungary.
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(GSM Radio Access Network) The air interface used in early voice-only GSM cellular networks. See RAN.
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The Drive Smart campaign, which will run on TV, radio, cinema and internet, features a series of larger-than-life grans, who unexpectedly appear while their grandsons are driving, and put the young men firmly in their place.
She also has two grans and two great grannies - but it could have been a different story as Katie was very ill when she was born and needed a blood transfusion.
GRANS are in high demand by a baby-sitting agency looking to provide evening and weekend respite for parents .
"Leah is aware of all her grans and she loves having them all around.
According to a survey by Yours magazine, grannyhood today equals happiness with eight out of 10 British grans saying they are happy.
These include glamour grans such as Honor Blackman who ditch the 1940s era of 'rocking-chair gran' in favour of a more stylish image.
According to a national survey, grans have never had it so good.
Young at heart grans in the North are the most likely to have played on a Playstation, (50%, UK average 45%), and to watch programmes such as Pop Idol with their grandchildren.
Whether it is quite so bully for the grans themselves is at least debatable.
She was surrounded by men who missed their own grans and her homespun message proved popular with voters.
Both great great grans, great gran, gran and mother are all alive and well.