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, Ger. Grandsee, town (1990 pop. 2,473), Vaud canton, W Switzerland, at the southwestern end of the Lake of Neuchâtel. An important town in the Middle Ages, Grandson is known chiefly as the scene of the defeat (1476) of Charles the Bold of Burgundy by the
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, Switzerland.
References in classic literature ?
I'm going, monsieur," replied Suzanne, "to Madame Granson, the treasurer of the Maternity Society, who, to my knowledge, has saved many a poor girl in my condition from suicide.
Accordingly, Suzanne now went to see Madame Granson, composing her face to an expression of the deepest dejection.
Now in the social order, as in Nature's order, there are more young shoots than there are trees, more spawn than full-grown fish, and many great capacities (Athanase Granson, for instance) which die withered for want of moisture, like seeds on stony ground.
Love and miss you always Grandad My Hero Brokenhearted Granson Ben.
Donna Bartlett: "Child-sitting the granson, let the young ones go out and enjoy it.
Broward County Cooperative Extension: Sandy Granson.
We're excited by the growth in the Mainland China market, " says Joshua Granson, Vice President and International Marketing Director for the company.
It is not the technical sophistication of the Swiss pike that defeated the Burgundian knights, but rather the way it meshed with the weapons used by the knights at Laupen, Sempach, and Granson.
The eccentric millionaire Henry Granson has endowed the community with a music center and school, and he now brings in the Russian conductor Vladimir Arenkoff.
NO PLACE LIKE ROAM: Tobey's grandad Vincent has to shower at the local YMCA, while his granson lives in a Hollywood mansion; STARDOM: Web spinner Tobey introduced co-star Kirsten to his grandad
Two goals from Mark Vickers put Division Three leaders Maghull Res on course for a 3-1 decision over West Kirby's second string while FC Pensby, with efforts from Mike Granson and Stuey Knowles, slipped into second spot after beating Mond Rangers Res 2-1.
In translating into English a lyric of Oton de Granson, Chaucer complained that end-rhymes are scarce in English (Complaint of Venus, lines 70-82).