Grant, Joan

Grant, Joan (b. 1907)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Joan Grant was born in England on April 12, 1907. She grew up firmly believing that she was reincarnated, having lived previous lives in ancient Egypt, the Holy Land, and pre-Columbian America. In later years she wrote a number of bestselling books based on her memories of these past lives, including Winged Pharoah (1937), Eyes of Horus (1969), The Lord of the Horizon (1974), So Moses Was Born (1974), Scarlet Feather (1975), and Return to Elysium (1976). In her memoir Far Memory, Grant explained that after a short visit to Egypt she returned to London where she was shown a collection of scarabs. When she took the oldest in her hand, she said that she saw vivid scenes of the time and place from which the scarab had come—an example of psychometry.


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