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(granular leukocytes), white blood cells with specific granularity in their cytoplasm.

In invertebrate animals granulocytes are called granular amoebocytes. Granuloctyes are subdivided, according to the ability of their granules to be stained, into eosinophils (oxyphils), basophils, and neutrophils. Some vertebrate animals have functionally equivalent cells with oxyphilic granulation (pseudoeosinophils) instead of neutrophils. Granulocytes constitute the major portion of leukocytes in the blood of man. The percentage relationship between the various types of leukocytes changes with age, physiological condition, and the presence of illness. The nuclei of granulocytes are polymorphous; in neutrophils and eosinophils they are segmented. The granules of neutrophils and basophils are structureless; those of eosinophils contain unique “crystals.” It has been established that the neutrophilic granules are lysosomes, which contain hydrolytic enzymes. Granulocytes are capable of amoeboid movement and of phagocytosis. They are able to penetrate connective tissue (diapedesis) from the blood vessels and participate in inflammatory processes. Granulocytes are formed in special, hematopoietic organs.


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The PR of POD was 51%, comprising 10% hyalinocytes, 19% semigranulocytes, and 22% granulocytes (Fig.
1, the isolation method using CD66b positive selection effectively purified granulocytes from other leukocytes.
Both inhibition of LPS-induced signaling in epithelial cells as well as suppression of chemotaxis and infiltration of pro-inflammatory granulocytes in the lung are compatible with our data.
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49) What that means is that these supercharged granulocytes can be harvested from healthy young donors and infused into cancer patients with curative intent.
Neutrophils make up for over 90% of the granulocytes counted by the CELL-DYN 1700.
He had a particular subset of white blood cells called neutrophil granulocytes that gave him an immune system capable of searching out and killing cancer cells.
Micromet AG (Munich, Germany) has patented a (poly)peptide construct consisting of at least two domains of at least two pluralities of domains wherein one of said domains or pluralities of domains comprises a de-immunized autoreactive antigen or (a) fragment(s) thereof specifically recognized by the Ig receptors of an autoreactive B-cells and wherein a/the further domain or plurality of domains comprises an effector molecule capable of interacting with and/or of activating NK-cells, T-cells, macrophages, monocytes and/or granulocytes.
To examine how a cell's maturity affects its usefulness for cloning, Xiangzhong (Jerry) Yang of the University of Connecticut in Storrs and his colleagues worked with three types of blood cells from a mouse: stem cells that produce all types of blood cells, more-mature cells that can make only a few blood cell types, and fully mature white blood cells called granulocytes that can no longer divide.

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