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(granular leukocytes), white blood cells with specific granularity in their cytoplasm.

In invertebrate animals granulocytes are called granular amoebocytes. Granuloctyes are subdivided, according to the ability of their granules to be stained, into eosinophils (oxyphils), basophils, and neutrophils. Some vertebrate animals have functionally equivalent cells with oxyphilic granulation (pseudoeosinophils) instead of neutrophils. Granulocytes constitute the major portion of leukocytes in the blood of man. The percentage relationship between the various types of leukocytes changes with age, physiological condition, and the presence of illness. The nuclei of granulocytes are polymorphous; in neutrophils and eosinophils they are segmented. The granules of neutrophils and basophils are structureless; those of eosinophils contain unique “crystals.” It has been established that the neutrophilic granules are lysosomes, which contain hydrolytic enzymes. Granulocytes are capable of amoeboid movement and of phagocytosis. They are able to penetrate connective tissue (diapedesis) from the blood vessels and participate in inflammatory processes. Granulocytes are formed in special, hematopoietic organs.


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KEY WORDS: neutral red staining, eosinophilic granulocytes, basophilic granulocytes, bivalve species, immune function
The granulocytes reacted immediately to the physical stress of sleep loss and directly mirrored the body's stress response," said Katrin Ackermann, postdoctoral researcher at the Eramus MC University Medical Centre Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
The granulocytes reacted immediately to the physical stress of sleep loss and directly mirrored the body's stress response," said Ackermann, a postdoctoral researcher at the Eramus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
Further research led him to discover that the mouse that appeared to be immune from cancer had an extra amount of potent granulocytes for specifically killing cancer cells without harming normal cells.
Neutrophils make up for over 90% of the granulocytes counted by the CELL-DYN 1700.
Next, they gave a transfusion of their granulocytes to a number of mice with cancer.
It is a cancer affecting granulocytes, one of the main types of white blood cells.
Exposure to high levels of radiation can cause a rapid depletion of cells derived from the bone marrow such as neutrophils, granulocytes and platelets that are necessary for controlling life-threatening infections and bleeding episodes.
An oral drug therapy is now approved for first-line treatment of chronic myeloid (or myelogenous) leukemia (CML), a slowly progressing cancer that makes the body produce too many blood cells called granulocytes.
In a subgroup of 85 children, other immunologic properties were assessed, including numbers of B cells, T cells, monocytes, granulocytes, and lymphocytes.
Phagocytosis of autologous platelets by neutrophilic granulocytes was thought to be an in vitro phenomenon.
The bacteria can be found in the monocytes and granulocytes of peripheral blood.

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