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graphical user interface

[¦graf·ə·kəl ‚yü·zər ′in·tər‚fās]
(computer science)
A user interface in which program features are represented by icons that the user can access and manipulate with a pointing device. Abbreviated GUI.

Graphical User Interface

(operating system)
(GUI) The use of pictures rather than just words to represent the input and output of a program. A program with a GUI runs under some windowing system (e.g. The X Window System, MacOS, Microsoft Windows, Acorn RISC OS, NEXTSTEP). The program displays certain icons, buttons, dialogue boxes, etc. in its windows on the screen and the user controls it mainly by moving a pointer on the screen (typically controlled by a mouse) and selecting certain objects by pressing buttons on the mouse while the pointer is pointing at them. This contrasts with a command line interface where communication is by exchange of strings of text.

Windowing systems started with the first real-time graphic display systems for computers, namely the SAGE Project nd Ivan Sutherland's Sketchpad (1963). Douglas Engelbart's Augmentation of Human Intellect project at SRI in the 1960s developed the On-Line System, which incorporated a mouse-driven cursor and multiple windows. Several people from Engelbart's project went to Xerox PARC in the early 1970s, most importantly his senior engineer, Bill English. The Xerox PARC team established the WIMP concept, which appeared commercially in the Xerox 8010 (Star) system in 1981.

Beginning in 1980(?), led by Jef Raskin, the Macintosh team at Apple Computer (which included former members of the Xerox PARC group) continued to develop such ideas in the first commercially successful product to use a GUI, the Apple Macintosh, released in January 1984. In 2001 Apple introduced Mac OS X.

Microsoft modeled the first version of Windows, released in 1985, on Mac OS. Windows was a GUI for MS-DOS that had been shipped with IBM PC and compatible computers since 1981. Apple sued Microsoft over infringement of the look-and-feel of the MacOS. The court case ran for many years.

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The result is a very high level of efficiency and safety and all the functions will be controlled via a graphic user interface.
The graphic user interface (GUI) screens are limited in space or "real estate" and need to have language phrases translated to fit accordingly.
Within Ultra-Link's graphic user interface, users can specify an external style sheet and transform critical data into an easy-to-read format.
Remote monitoring through a PDA/Mobile Handy view and POS system integration with video images, as well as a Central Monitoring Software feature controlling multiple servers with a friendly Graphic User Interface makes the NV series a top surveillance choice.
Now standard equipment on the series of laser coders, the handheld graphic user interface (GUl) supports complex graphic characters with its WYSIWYG graphics display and is simple to programme and operate, even with the most complex text legend or code requirement.
Among the projects cut are the Kay Advanced Software Research team led by HP veteran Alan Kay, best known for his work in creating the graphic user interface which eventually became the basis for Apple Macintosh.
With a Windows 2000 operating system, Pentium processor, touch-screen graphic user interface, and image-recognition software, the system is user-friendly and intuitive to operate.
New features of version 3.5 include a new improved Graphic User Interface (GUI), improved ease of use, advanced signaling and media testing, advanced monitoring, and a large number of built-in media and scripts.
It has an intuitive graphic user interface touch-screen monitor, is Ethernet capable and comes with its own printer.
The system allows the management of replication activities on any UNIX, Windows or z/OS server, and includes a graphic user interface that allows administrators to see the status of every server involved and monitor replication performance.--Softek
With Version 2, it now supports dual video displays, so you can run an easy-to-use, touch screen graphic user interface (GUI) for operators and a separate graphical display to keep shoppers engaged, promote special items or enable in-lane advertising through the new SureVision (SV) GUI feature.
The graphic user interface is designed for easy one-click navigation, and file folders can be selected using up to eight user-defined key fields for maximum flexibility in record tracking and management.

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