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grass tree

1. any plant of the Australian genus Xanthorrhoea, having a woody stem, stiff grasslike leaves, and a spike of small white flowers: family Xanthorrhoeaceae. Some species produce fragrant resins
2. any of several similar Australasian plants
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Grass Tree


any one treelike monocotyledonous plant of the genus Xanthorrhoea. In a broader sense, a special life-form to which are assigned the genera Xanthorrhoea, Kingia, Dasypo-gon, and Pandanus. (The first three genera are in the family Xanthorrhoeaceae.)

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Grass trees flower more prolifically after fires, but burning of the plant is not required to have a wonderful display, just a sniff of smoke from a backyard burn off is all that is needed.
The Small Grass Tree Xanthorrhoea minor--in common with other grass trees--is a slow-growing plant that has a subterranean stem.
The Small Grass Tree is easily grown in a garden; it is very tolerant of dryness once established and is happy in full sun or semi-shade.