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town (1990 pop. 42,077), Alpes-Maritime dept., SE France. Probably founded in Roman times, Grasse was a commercial center during the Middle Ages. Destroyed many times by the SaracensSaracens
, term commonly used by medieval Europeans to designate the Arabs and, by extension, the Muslims in general, whether they were Arabs, Moors, or Seljuk Turks.
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, it was an independent republic from the 12th cent. until its union with the earldom of Provence in 1226. In 1536 the town was destroyed by Francis I to prevent the advance of Emperor Charles V. Surrounded by fields of flowers and rose gardens, Grasse is a center of the French perfume industry. Points of interest include a splendid early Gothic cathedral (12th cent.); a town hall built partially in the Middle Ages; and a museum containing paintings by Jean-Honoré Fragonard, who was born in Grasse.
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In the first part, Grasso theorizes the "anger paradigm" and situates it in relation to the public discourse surrounding anger in the antebellum period.
Beginning with an introduction that locates her project within a tradition of feminist scholarship, Grasso next offers two general chapters about antebellum women's anger.
I want to thank Chairman Grasso for giving DAV and all veterans the opportunity to be here.
Mr Grasso, who has just opened a rooftop restaurant above Etna's in Hertford Street, Coventry, was stunned to learn that 11 professional fishermen a month still die off the coasts of Britain.
Grasso approaches his subject in an integrated two-fold way, combining the social history of print with the cultural history of discourse.
An unpopular loner whose unrequited passion for Patricia stretched from childhood through their teen years into adulthood, Tony Grasso (Kevin Isola) is accused of the murders and arrested on circumstantial evidence.
But Grasso said he won't return an $11,000 contribution made by the PAL Group, a company owned by two brothers once convicted of defrauding the state.
Speaking in a press conference in the wake of his meeting with Premier Salam, Grasso said that the purpose of his visit to Lebanon is to demonstrate Italy's concern about Lebanon in light of its capacity as a reference for the region's stability as a whole.
For his part, Grasso welcomed the Kuwaiti parliamentary delegation's visit to Italy.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Italian Senate President Pietro Grasso underlined the positive role that Iran has always played in the restoration of peace and tranquility in the Middle-East, and called on international bodies to make use of Tehran's capacities in the settlement of the regional crises.
The development was built by the Grasso family, owners of Northpoint Development.