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Gratia, asteroid 424 (the 424th asteroid to be discovered, on December 31, 1896), is approximately 44 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.6 years. It was named after the three Graces of Greek mythology. Like its mythological namesake, the asteroid confers “grace” upon natives in whose natal chart it is prominent. The house and sign position of Gratia indicate where and how one expresses gracefulness.


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Surgebat Macnevisius Et mox jactabat ultro, Pugnabo tua gratia Feroci hoc Mactwoltro.
Summary: Chief Minister Kejriwal announces Rs500,000 ex gratia to the next of the kin of the deceased
The Canadian brigantine Dei Gratia found her in a dishevelled but seaworthy condition, under partial sail, and with her lifeboat missing.
Under the Reconciliation Plan, nine women will receive an ex gratia payment by way of acknowledgement they should never have been placed in such a facility.
In collaboration with Sola Gratia Productions (Heavyweight) and director Antonio Chavez Trejo (Bloody Luck), the series stars action actors Yang Li, Bruce Ng Kang Wei, Natasha Choi, and Daeun Lee.
PARACHINAR -- Protesting tribal elders of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) have rejected the ex gratia amounts of Rs 1 million announced by the premier on Thursday to be given to each bereaved family of the 72 Parachinar twin attacks victims.
com)-- On 11 June 2016, the eve of the Independence Day of the Philippines, Exempli Gratia Foundation (EGF) celebrated its founding anniversary, marking six years of serving developing communities all over the country.
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Singh said ` 10,000 ex- gratia has been released as an immediate relied to the relatives of the deceased and ` 5,000 has been sanctioned for the injured.
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CONCERNS have been raised after it emerged that the former Deputy Older People's Commissioner for Wales was given a PS27,000 ex gratia payment on top of a PS26,000 redundancy payoff when she left the post last year.
THE Examiner's Leader column advocates an ex gratia payment as a possible solution to the plight of the innocent elderly lady injured in the course of a police arrest.