Henry Grattan

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Grattan, Henry


Born July 3, 1746, in Dublin; died June 4, 1820, in London. Irish political figure, leader of liberal opposition to the English government, lawyer, prominent orator.

In 1775, Grattan came forward in the Irish House of Commons as the spokesman of the Irish bourgeoisie who were dissatisfied with the British policy of colonization. He was one of the leaders of the Whig Club, which tried to limit the national movement with moderate-liberal demands. In 1800. Grattan unsuccessfully fought against the bill on Anglo-Irish union, which provided for the liquidation of the Irish Parliament. In 1805 he was elected to the English Parliament, where he joined with the Whig group.


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Grattan's Parliament is presented as the final myth in a "series of "Golden Ages' around which Irish narratives of the past have been built" (158).