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(also soft hail), a solid type of atmospheric precipitation in the form of opaque, white, frosted spherical pellets with a diameter of 2–5 mm. Graupel particles, in contrast to snowflakes, do not have a discernible crystalline form. They are created by coagulation processes (seeCOAGULATION OF CLOUD ELEMENTS) as snow crystals pass through clouds containing supercooled drops of water. Upon collision, the drops settle on the crystals and form snowlike pellets. Graupel generally falls when the air temperature is approximately 0°C.

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The thing about this late cold spell in April, with its graupel showers and snow-peaked hills, is that it'll make us all the more grateful for the warmth of summer, whenever that eventually begins.
Weather experts say graupel is a kind of hybrid frozen precipitation, sometimes referred to as "snow pellets".
where [M.sub.x] = [[q.sub.x] [N.sub.x]] and the subscripts x = [c, r, i, s, g, h] denote the cloud water, rain water, ice crystal, snow, graupel, and hail, respectively.
Then shout out, "Graupel!'' People will rush to prescribe you medication.
GRAUPEL This describes a combination of a snowflake and freezing fog, formed when the two collide.
For parameterization of microphysical processes, the WRF New Thompson graupel scheme [53]was chosen, since it considers graupel and typical ice water concentrations in mountainous areas during winter.
Model Type Fully compressible, Euler non-hydrostatic Domain Mother Domain: 53E-96E; 5S:43N Integration Nested Domain: 63E-83E;7N-30N, 69E-78E;11N-23N Horizontal Mother Domain 45km Resolution Nested Domain 15km, 5km Time step Mother Domain: 270 Sec Nested Domain: 90 Sec, 30sec Microphysics WSM 6-class graupel LW Radiation RRTM Scheme SW Radiation Dudhia Scheme PBL YSU Scheme Surface scheme Monin-Obukhov similarity theory CU Physics Grell-Devenyi (GD) ensemble, Kain Fritsch (KF) schemes using 1 and 2 way nesting technique In the present study, model is forced with initial and boundary condition form NCEP Final global analysis (FNL)and model integrated 48hr with initial and boundary condition started from 25July 0000UTC.
Graupel floats in the thickness of some pines near the dump: discs of darkness coast near the weeds braceleted with froth and over the ankle depth of muddy water as if from the tentative pressure of hands Wind throws down small birds like bits of brown felt Big wet snow starts to fall
These assumptions, which are reasonable in warm cloud modeling, appear to be not so adequate for mixed phase clouds, where interactions between different categories (cloud water, rain water, crystal ice, graupel, hail) have to be considered.
The size distribution of small graupels (minigraupels), we studied, followed closely the log-normal distribution curve (Table 5) and does not correspond to much larger graupel sizes sampled in Germany.
A strong evening wind from the west carries in a snow squall, with accumulations of 10 centimetres in 10 minutes, first as graupel, then hail.