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Opponents say House Bill 2666 could open up large tracts of valuable Oregon farmland to new sand and gravel mines.
House Bill 2666 appears to be a wish list dictated by the gravel industry with the specific purpose of gutting provisions that were the basis for denial of a gravel mine application in Lane County in the early 2000s," farmer Karen Reed wrote referring to the Eugene Sand proposal in an opinion piece published in The Register- Guard.
Not only do gravel mines provide jobs, but the industry is also helping Native village corporations make money on the land that they own.
Rule 1157, which was adopted by the South Coast Air Quality Management District in January 2005, was designed to reduce particulate emissions from sand and gravel mines.
Val Hoyle, D-Eugene, would enable the siting of more gravel mines on the best farmland in the Willamette Valley.
HB 2666 would make it harder for farmers to fight proposed gravel mines and easier for gravel companies to get approval.
SANTA CLARITA - A proposed rule that would help reduce emissions produced by gravel mines such as the quarry planned by Cemex Inc.
City Manager Ken Pulskamp is scheduled to speak at a South CoastAir Quality Management District meeting this morning in favor of Proposed Rule 1157, which if approved, would force gravel mine operations to reduce ``fugitive dust sources including loading and unloading activities, process equipment, open storage piles, unpaved and paved roads inside the facilities and out.
Under that goal, gravel mines are an important - and nonrenewable - public resource.
Opponents get chance to weigh in on proposed gravel mine
Other threats include sand and gravel mines that continue to expand, regular bulldozing of channels for flood control, and the lining of tributaries with concrete as a requirement of development projects.
We can no longer let landfills or gravel mines be sited in close proximity to residential areas.