Gravel stop

gravel stop

[′grav·əl ‚stäp]
(building construction)
Metal flashing placed at the edge of a roof to prevent gravel from falling off.

Gravel stop

A continuous band of bent sheet metal with a vertical or sloped projection that prevents gravel on a built-up roof from falling off.

gravel stop, gravel strip, slag strip

gravel stop
A flange, usually of a metal strip, used to prevent gravel or loose surfacing from washing off a roof; may also provide a finished edge for built-up roofing.
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The company can fabricate and/or install the following: custom scupper boxes, sheet metal trim, gravel stop and copings, architectural sheet metal details and metal roofing panel systems.
Inspect gravel stop stripping flashing for splits or delamination.
In all cases, a thick mulch of local gravel stops crowns rotting, keeps weeds at bay and conserves moisture.
A membrane under gravel stops weeds coming up, but it's easier to plant without one as then you don't have to cut through it to put plants in.