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If solar physicists could detect gravity waves, then they could learn how fast the core rotates.
Waves propagate horizontally with refraction due to variations in Coriolis, depth, and stratification, invoking classic ray-tracing equations for long internal gravity waves (Lighthill 1978).
In contrast, the linear pressure fluctuations of the surface gravity waves (first-order effects) attenuate exponentially with depth.
Numerical modeling has shown that the cause is gravity waves caused by the thunderstorm propagating into the surrounding air, like the ripples that move away from a rock that lands in a pond.
I had proof positive that these 200 MHz energy bursts were not from 200 MHz gravity waves.
Merged Black Holes: the discovery of gravity waves could 'revolutionise astronomy'
The gravity waves detected by the Ligo team were from two colliding black holes 1.
Abstract: In paper fundamental problems of internal gravity waves dynamics are considered.
MARYLAND (CyHAN)- Einstein predicted gravity waves in his general theory of relativity, but to date these ripples in the fabric of space-time have never been observed.
Numerical experiments on internal gravity waves in an accelerating shear flow.
Among specific topics are buoyancy and stability, basic elastostatics, nearly ideal flow, action and reaction, gravity waves, and subsonic flight.
125 million for an ongoing search for gravity waves using one of the most sensitive scientific instruments ever built, a four-kilometer-long laser interferometer in the Eastern Washington badlands.