Gray, Stephen

Gray, Stephen,

1666–1736, English physicist. Gray, a dyer by trade, cultivated science as a hobby. In 1696 he published an account of a magnifying glass that interested the Royal Society and from then on he frequently sent the Society and his patron, English Astronomer Royal John Flamsteed, ideas for simple but revealing experiments and reports of geological and astronomical observations. Gray's most important work, published in 1732, announced the discovery of electrical induction and the distinction between conductors and insulators.
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Counters for the Tyne came courtesy of Stuart Gray, Stephen Forrester and James Bell.
Grounds was decent on the ball too, his 25 passes at a completion rate of 72 per cent was fifth best among Blues' starting players and impressively his two crosses were more than Demarai Gray, Stephen Gleeson and Andrew Shinnie.
WREXHAM RESERVES: Louis Gray, Stephen Wright, Declan Walker, Luis Morrison-Derbyshire, Leon Clowes, Kevin Thornton, Rob Ogleby, Glen Little, Bradley Reid, Jay Colbeck, Adrian Cieslewicz.
That prompted recalls for Michael Gray, Stephen Ward and Darron Gibson, the latter operating impressively in central midfield with Karl Henry moved to the right to shackle Darren Huckerby.
It's his job to score goals and I expect him to do that in the same way that I expect Andy Gray, Stephen Elliott and Kevin Kyle to score goals.
However, the excuses must stop now because Bruce is hoping to recall Mario Melchiot, Damien Johnson, David Dunn, Julian Gray, Stephen Clemence and Olivier Tebily this evening which is a massive boost to City.
But the good news is that Mario Melchiot, Damien Johnson, David Dunn, Julian Gray, Stephen Clemence and Olivier Tebily should all be fit to take part.
Mario Melchiot, David Dunn, Stan Lazaridis, Julian Gray, Stephen Clemence, Muzzy Izzet and Mehdi Nafti are all unavailable.
Despite Sorensen's comeback Sunderland were still without several first-teamers including Michael Gray, Stephen Wright and Kevin Kilbane.
With: Bruce Gray, Stephen Young, Lawrence Dane, Djanet Sears, Peter Donaldson, John Badham.
The 21 victims, clockwise from bottom left: John |Jones, Lynn Bennett, James Craig, James Caddick, Charles Gray, Stephen Whalley, Trevor Thrupp, John Rowland, Maureen Roberts, Neil Marsh, Pamela Palmer, Marylin Nash, Eugene Reilly, Thomas Chaytor, Jane Davis, Desmond Reilly, Michael Beasley, Anne Hayes, Paul Davis, Maxine Hambleton and Stanley Bodman