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large farm devoted chiefly to raising and breeding cattle, horses, sheep, and goats. The cattle ranch was introduced from Latin America to Texas and the plains of the W United States and Canada. The first ranchers owned cattle, ponies, and camp equipment but no land, grazing their stock on the free public rangerange,
large area of land unsuited to cultivation but supporting native grasses and other plants suitable for livestock grazing. Principal areas in the western hemisphere are the pampas of South America and the prairies of the United States and Canada.
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. When the fencing of land became compulsory, most ranges were broken up into smaller ranches. Cattle and sheep are often shipped from ranches to feed lots in the corn belt for fattening. The term ranch is applied in the W United States also to grain and fruit farms. The dude ranch offers horseback riding and other typically Western outdoor activities for the entertainment of paying guests. Some dude ranches are also "working" ranches, but most are devoted solely to vacationers.
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Corn plants were taller in areas that were not grazed (NG) than in areas in which other grazing management strategies were implemented during the two growing seasons.
Annually adapting the timing of cattle removal based on seasonal rainfall patterns and phenology of target species may increase the effectiveness of grazing management to control invasive weeds such as medusahead and yellow starthistle.
However, interannual variation in rainfall may have a stronger effect on the soil's supply of plant nutrients, hence masking the long-term effects of grazing management in short-term studies.
These results suggest seeds with any soil insulation and established plants with belowground perennating buds will receive minimal damage from prescribed spring grassland fires on lands with recent fire and grazing management ([less than or equal to] 2 y).
the general rule of thumb on grazing management in wilderness should be
Effective grazing management requires a comprehensive plan to achieve the best practical use of forage resources.
Therefore, understanding the behavioral implications of restricted grazing time is essential for grazing management and fragile ecosystems conservation.
Therefore, proper grazing management could reduce the need for burning and also the risks of catastrophic fires, which would be of particular relevance in conservation areas, especially considering the contact areas with forest ecosystems.
In such intensive husbandry as we are envisaging for this self-sufficient homestead, careful grazing management will be essential.
that targeted livestock operations and encouraged use of grazing management systems that are sustainable and profitable.
The ewes and lambs are used for research in animal health, breeding, feeding and grazing management, and in instructional programs.
They burned most of the plots in the fall of 2002, which killed almost all of the Wyoming sagebrush, and then studied how different grazing management systems affected the recovery of the forbs and perennials.