Grease Trap

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grease trap

[′grēs ‚trap]
(civil engineering)
A trap in a drain or waste pipe to stop grease from entering a sewer system.

Grease Trap


a chamber for separating and retaining fats and petroleum and other oils from effluent water by cutting the flow rate. The fatty materials in the effluent upset the purification plants (biofilters and filter beds), and when they fall into a reservoir, they cover a large area of water with a thin film that hinders access to oxygen and thus retards the reservoir’s self-purification processes. Further, the fats and similar substances are a valuable raw material, which can be processed for commercial purposes. Grease traps are set up at effluent outfalls of individual buildings (restaurants, factory kitchens, meat combines, canning factories, and other industrial concerns), as well as in public sewers. The time of stay of effluent in a grease trap is 5 seconds to 15 minutes, with a flow speed of up to 10 cm per sec. Depending on the amount of fat held back, the latter is removed by a pump or suction arrangement, with heating to 45°-50°C.

grease trap, grease interceptor

grease trap
A device for removing grease from waste water by allowing the retained liquid to cool and the grease to solidify; then the grease is separated by flotation; it rises to the top of the trap, where it is held.
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Mahoney Environmental also provides grease trap services to food service operators nationwide, servicing national and regional chains, as well as independent restaurants throughout the United States.
Police was informed just about five-10 minutes after the girl went missing following which the family found her unresponsive in the grease trap.
None of the food outlets visited in Whitechapel Road, home to the biggest ever 130 tonne monster fatberg still being shovelled and sucked from the sewer, had a working grease trap to filter and capture fat and oil washed down the plughole.
Restaurants and garages are required to use a grease trap, which should be periodically cleaned.
Recent build out with full kitchen equipment: grease hood, grease trap, walk-in cooler & freezer.
Your rate of pickup and the size of your container affect each other, notes John Remstedt, Owner and President of Grease Masters, which provides cooking oil recycling and grease trap cleaning.
MANILA -- A workplace safety group has called on the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) to investigate the death of four plumbers in a grease trap in Ali Mall.
Grease trap cleaning companies have to install high-tech GPS tracking devices to locate and monitor their tankers and staff before they renew their permits next year.
STURBRIDGE - Town officials are waging war against violators of the grease trap maintenance rule.
We advise businesses to install a compliant grease trap which should be regularly maintained by a specialist contractor.
Sewerage operations controller Andrew Blakemore said businesses are advised to install a grease trap.