Great Lakes United

Great Lakes United (GLU)

Address:Buffalo State College Cassety Hall
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222

Established: 1982. Description:International coalition of environmental and outdoor sports organizations and individuals dedicated to preserving and restoring the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River ecosystem. Develops and promotes effective policy initiatives, carries out education programs, and promotes citizen action and grassroots leadership. Members: 170 organizations and 800 individuals. Dues: $35/year (individual membership).
Publications: GLU Newsletter (quarterly); free to members.

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(51) The reason we took that on is not because we have the resources to do it, but because we share the view that we need to bring these groups together; to synchronize the efforts of all these different groups, whether it is the Great Lakes Counsel of Governors, (52) or the Great Lakes Cities Initiative, (53) or the Great Lakes United, (54) or any of these other groups that exist.
[dagger] We managed to be notified by a non-government group, Great Lakes United."
The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Mining Watch Canada and Great Lakes United by Ecojustice in 2007.
Great Lakes United, a group based in Buffalo, New York and Ottawa, Ontario, wants a ban on salties until the U.S.
CONTACT: Great Lakes United, (716)886-0142,
Great Lakes United. To organize a two-day conference on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for citizens, environmental groups, municipal recycling coordinators and the industry.
Through a Web site, they have launched an electronic letter-writing lobbying campaign to Environment Minister Jim Wilson demanding a full environmental review and have garnered the support of the Sierra Club of Canada, the Federation of Ontario Naturalists, Great Lakes United and the Northern Ontario Tourist Outfitters Association.
The partnership includes ISRI; the Ecology Center; the Automotive Recyclers Association, Fairfax, Va.; the Steel Manufacturers Association, Washington; the Steel Recycling Institute, Pittsburgh; Environmental Defense, New York City; Great Lakes United, Buffalo, N.Y.; Clean Production Network, Lowell, Mass.; and Clean Car Campaign, Ann Arbor, Mich.
The organization Great Lakes United recently came out against any De Minimus loopholes.
A 1993 article in one prominent group's newsletter described the negotiations as "hiccupping along." The same article announced that three groups (Great Lakes United, a joint Canadian-U.S.
Groups like the National Wildlife Federation (233) and their partners, the Alliance for the Great Lakes, (234) Great Lakes United, (235) and others were very big players in the state approval process; and really helpful at getting editorials and all the other kinds of things that help create the political environment that allowed that ninety-five percent support within the legislatures and within the Congress.
A study produced jointly by the Ecology Center, the Buffalo-based Great Lakes United and the University of Tennessee Center for Clean Products and Clean Technologies estimates that 15.6 metric tons of mercury are released annually by EAFs, more than all other manufacturing sources combined.

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