Great Meadows

Great Meadows:

see Fort NecessityFort Necessity,
entrenched camp built in July, 1754, by George Washington and his Virginia militia at Great Meadows (near the present Uniontown, Pa.). He retired there when he learned that the British fort at the forks of the Ohio (the site of Pittsburgh) had been captured (and
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Finding no one about, the Prince rode on, and came to a great meadow, where the Sun-Tree grew.
Creating a water park - Restructuring Extension of Great Meadows Pool (41)the pool is composed of a single building.
Nathan's Eagle project cleared 500 feet of trail and posted safety signs allowing safe access to the Great Meadows Conservation Land in Grafton.
For an overview, I am going to talk about three ways of achieving either great meadows or the look of a meadow.
Quinlan, the 18-year-old son of Noel and nephew of Newmarket trainer Mick, has been chosen for the first time to represent Britain in the Fegentri series, and flies to Washington DC early this morning for rides at Laurel Park, Great Meadows and Penn National.
Written by historian and creative consultant to television documentaries David Drummond, Blooding at Great Meadows is the unabridged audiobook version of the true story of George Washington long before he was the leader of the American Revolution and father of our country.
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Branded an "assassin" by the French, Washington in turn was attacked and forced to fall back on Great Meadows, where he threw up a rough palisade he called Fort Necessity.
Lands surrounding village centers were called the "common and undivided," and great woods, cedar swamps, pine plains, cow commons, ox pastures, and great meadows all were important segments of community structure.
Attica, Green Haven, and Great Meadows Correctional Facilities, New York)
Narrator B: During the last week in May, Washington is resting his troops at the Great Meadows in Pennsylvania when a warrior named Silverheels brings a message from his chief, Half-King.
There are some great meadows just ahead," I offered, trying to sound encouraging.