Great Northern Peninsula

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Great Northern Peninsula


Petit Nord Peninsula,

comprising NW Newfoundland island, Canada, extending 170 mi (274 km) NE from Bonne Bay on the west to Cape Bauld at the tip; White Bay borders it on the east. The Long Range, along the west coast, rises to 2,651 ft (808 m) in Gros Morne. Fishing villages dot the indented coastline.
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The proximity of Corner Brooks downtown with an array of amenities and attractions, provides a high-quality experience for travellers transitioning through the Deer Lake Airport, those visiting the Great Northern Peninsula and Gros Morne National Park, our guests to Marble Mountain, and tourists that comes to this province through Port aux Basques.
This paper examines the function of different cultural heritage categories in the tourist promotion of the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland.
The Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland (GNP) was once home to the Beothuck, and other aboriginal populations.
Substrate characteristics of Braya habitat on the limestone barrens, Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland.
Braya longii (Long's Braya), Braya fernaldii (Fernald's Braya) and disturbance on Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula.
A good tour start is at the southeast corner just across the Strait of Belle Isle from Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula.
We're in a convoy of five sleds rumbling north, heading to the very tip of Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula, a gnarled finger of rock sticking into the frigid Labrador Sea.
Ancient Cultures: Bountiful Seas is a popular essay on the archaeology of Port au Choix, a community located on Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula.
He sailed along the south coast of Greenland, then to Baffin Island, south to the tip of Labrador, and finally to a sheltered cove at the tip of the great northern peninsula of Newfoundland.
But, in 1973, neither the readers of this magazine, nor the fishermen who lived on the mountainous coast of Labrador and those who lived in the flat coastal region of the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, would have had the slightest notion that large quantities of tourists would soon be regularly visiting two of Canada's official National Historic Sites - one on the southern side of the Strait and one on the Labrador side.
The rocky finger, known as Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula, points toward the North Atlantic, toward the great "sea road" across which Viking settlers first came to North America - to a place they would call Vinland.
For weeks Bill Whiffen and I had been working our way up Newfoundland island's 300-mile-long Great Northern Peninsula by pickup, by canoe, and on foot.

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