Great Pyramid

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Great Pyramid,

the Cheops’ tomb, built 4,600 years ago, nearly 500 feet high, with bases 755 feet long. [Egypt. Arch.: Brewer Dictionary, 735]
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However, two Danish tourists were able to climb the Great Pyramid, and not only this, they filmed a prono film!!"
LONDON: A UK academic from the University of Liverpool has led a team to the monumental discovery of a 4,500-year-old ramp system used to transport blocks used in the construction of the Great Pyramids in Egypt.
The study, titled "Electromagnetic properties of the Great Pyramid: First multipole resonances and energy concentration," was published in the ( Journal of Applied Physics . 
"For example, not many people know they can explore the Great Pyramid through engineering."
The Great Pyramid Mystery: New Discoveries Revealed
KG), Niermann offers 10 solutions for the reformation of his homeland, and proposes his most far-reaching project, the Great Pyramid Monument.
A lapse of nearly two centuries separates Greaves's findings from the modern Pyramid metrological theory that first found voice in 1859 with The Great Pyramid: Why Was It Built?
A strict reading of the form actually makes Indian Haven the better horse - he beat both Tout Seul and Saturn by further than Dermot Weld's unbeaten colt at HQ - but the proximity of Great Pyramid and Napper Tandy suggests the Newmarket fourth and fifth were not at their best.
Here you can see the giant clown in front of Circus Circus, or a copy of the Great Pyramid, or--look, there s the Eiffel Tower!
Though he remained non-committal about the extent of his own belief [in the power of the occult], Wallace did induce the Secretary of the Treasury to put the Great Pyramid on the new dollar bill in 1935.
And the pipe was gigantically huge, like the great pyramid at Giza.
In so doing, he turns everybody's "freedom" into the same value, despite disclaimers to the contrary: "What frightened Cortes's men about the Aztecs, aside from the continual sacrificial slaughter on the Great Pyramid, is what frightened the Greeks about Xerxes, the Venetians about the Ottomans, the British about the Zulus, and the Americans about the Japanese: the subservience of the individual to the state."