Great Saint Bernard

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Great Saint Bernard,

pass: see Saint BernardSaint Bernard,
two Alpine passes, both used since antiquity. The Great Saint Bernard (alt. 8,110 ft/2,472 m), on the Italian-Swiss border, links Valais canton, Switzerland, with Valle d'Aosta, Italy.
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Museum head Vouilloz says this role change is the subject of a new movie being made for the museum, which will show today's different breed of rescuer how it was back in the day, when pilgrims heading over the Great Saint Bernard Pass on their way from Canterbury to Rome got caught in the snow: St.
From as far back as 1800 when Napoleon took his 20,000 strong army through the Great Saint Bernard Pass there have been reports of many lives saved by these dogs.
This stylish museum which opened just two years ago by the Fondation Barry not only explains the story of the Great Saint Bernard Hospice and Pass, through paintings, sculptures, models and exhibits, but it also has beautiful purpose-built kennels and outside runs for the Saint Bernards themselves - all open to the public every day.
I had chosen to get to the Great Saint Bernard Pass from its Italian side: to fly into Milan and travel by train west to Aosta, past a litany of unknown stations--Rho, Magenta, Novara, Vercelli, Santhia, Chivasso--and then unnamed castles and towers on sheer crags; to catch the bus up the mountain from Aosta the following day, from the valley bottom to eighty-six hundred feet elevation.