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Kay goes on to explain that: I loved the stories in The Girl from the Great Sandy Desert. So often we are offered two versions of Indigenous Australia: Dreamtime stories and the accompanying art forms, and the Stolen Generation.
This sense of creative civitas found resonance in other public projects, such as the pier-cum-lido in Kastrup by White Architekter (p76), a generously conceived, free facility to encourage communal recreation, and Iredale Pedersen Hook's community centre for the Walmajarri people on the edge of Australia's Great Sandy Desert, which addressed challenging issues of social and environmental responsibility (p72).
In April 1999, the elder women of the village of Wirrimanu, in Australia's Great Sandy Desert, set up a traditional women's camp, the Kapululangu Aboriginal Women's Law and Culture Center (named for the local waterhole), in a shed just outside the boundaries of the settlement.
Christine Watson's Piercing the Ground: Balgo women's image making and relationship to country is an introductory account to the vibrant Aboriginal an of Kutjungka women from the Balgo area in the Great Sandy Desert in Australia, and a comprehensive reference to their iconography.
He was close to an Aborigine camp when found unconscious by trackers in Western Australia's vast Great Sandy Desert. But he died at a nursing post hours later.
Thomas Sykes, 35, from London, got into difficulties as he drove along a gravel track through the Great Sandy Desert in remote Western Australia.
His rescue comes after another British tourist died when his car got stuck in Western Australia's Great Sandy Desert, police said yesterday.
NA BRITISH tourist died after his car got stuck in Western Australia's Great Sandy Desert.
A BRITISH tourist has died after his car got stuck in Western Australia's Great Sandy Desert.
Australia has five great deserts--the Great Sandy Desert, the Gibson Desert, the Great Victoria Desert, the Simpson Desert (or Arunta Desert) and the Sturt Desert--that occupy 20% of the continent.