Great Society

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Great Society,

in U.S. history, term for the domestic policies of President Lyndon JohnsonJohnson, Lyndon Baines,
1908–73, 36th President of the United States (1963–69), b. near Stonewall, Tex. Early Life

Born into a farm family, he graduated (1930) from Southwest Texas State Teachers College (now Southwest Texas State Univ.), in San Marcos.
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. In his first State of the Union message, he called for a war on poverty and the creation of a "Great Society," a prosperous nation that had overcome racial divisions. To this end, Johnson proposed an expansion in the federal government's role in domestic policy. During his administration, Congress enacted two major civil-rights acts (1964 and 1965), the Economic Opportunity Act (1964), and two education acts (1965). In addition, legislation was passed that created the Job Corps, Operation Head Start, Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), Medicaid, and Medicare. Although the Great Society program made significant contributions to the protection of civil rights and the expansion of social programs, critics increasingly complained that the antipoverty programs were ineffective and wasteful. The economic and political costs of the escalation of the Vietnam WarVietnam War,
conflict in Southeast Asia, primarily fought in South Vietnam between government forces aided by the United States and guerrilla forces aided by North Vietnam. The war began soon after the Geneva Conference provisionally divided (1954) Vietnam at 17° N lat.
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, as well as the costs of these programs themselves, soon overtook Johnson's domestic initiatives.
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The final case study evaluates the impact of Great Society funding upon Waco during LBJ's presidential years.
Indeed, the American Enterprise Institute's Nicholas Eberstadt, in his measured new booklet "The Great Society at Fifty: The Triumph and the Tragedy,'' says LBJ, more than FDR, "profoundly recast the common understanding of the ends of governance.
So Wales borrowed a big idea from The Great Society while David Cameron just borrowed the slogan.
1897Tilda's ancestor Elsie Swinton was one of the great society beauties of the Victorian age.
from the Great Society ideas to modern times, offering dozens of color maps compiling the demographic dimensions of poverty across the country.
It's very much a liberal law in the tradition of a Great Society [which included social programs originated by President Johnson].
The Great Society subway; a history of the Washington Metro.
It was encouraging to hear elected officials speak about the importance of our cities as centers of culture and keys to growth and a great society.
We recently read Henry and the Great Society, by H.
Congress creates Medicare and many other Great Society programs involving very complex cost allocations.
Subscribers to the monthly newsletter will soon begin getting BPI's twice-monthly Economic Opportunity Report, the venerable 40-year-old newsletter covering anti-poverty programs which was founded following the original Great Society legislation launching the War on Poverty.
Navasky's own politics, which he sketched out to the prior editor of The Nation, James Storrow, are quite agreeable, including his "absolutist view of the First Amendment," his "profound presumption in favor of disarmament," and his defiant assertion that the Great Society programs didn't fail--they weren't even tried.

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