Great Society

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Great Society,

in U.S. history, term for the domestic policies of President Lyndon JohnsonJohnson, Lyndon Baines,
1908–73, 36th President of the United States (1963–69), b. near Stonewall, Tex. Early Life

Born into a farm family, he graduated (1930) from Southwest Texas State Teachers College (now Southwest Texas State Univ.), in San Marcos.
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. In his first State of the Union message, he called for a war on poverty and the creation of a "Great Society," a prosperous nation that had overcome racial divisions. To this end, Johnson proposed an expansion in the federal government's role in domestic policy. During his administration, Congress enacted two major civil-rights acts (1964 and 1965), the Economic Opportunity Act (1964), and two education acts (1965). In addition, legislation was passed that created the Job Corps, Operation Head Start, Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), Medicaid, and Medicare. Although the Great Society program made significant contributions to the protection of civil rights and the expansion of social programs, critics increasingly complained that the antipoverty programs were ineffective and wasteful. The economic and political costs of the escalation of the Vietnam WarVietnam War,
conflict in Southeast Asia, primarily fought in South Vietnam between government forces aided by the United States and guerrilla forces aided by North Vietnam. The war began soon after the Geneva Conference provisionally divided (1954) Vietnam at 17° N lat.
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, as well as the costs of these programs themselves, soon overtook Johnson's domestic initiatives.
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In fact, we've made road trips to get undistributed regional meads on tap here at Great Society.
This volume contains essays on topics related to Lyndon JohnsonAEs Great Society and the War on Poverty during the 1960s, and its later impacts.
As these roles have been shifted to the Great Society, parents now view children in self-actualizing ways.
To begin with, she remains true to the ideals and vision of the Great Society.
The final case study evaluates the impact of Great Society funding upon Waco during LBJ's presidential years.
Conversely, LBJ's Great Society attempted, in part, to transform the underclass via community action agencies; it utterly failed.
DARMAN REJECTS THE CONVENTIONAL liberal view that there were two Johnsons--the "good" one who conceived the Great Society and pushed through the historic Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, and the "bad" LBJ who escalated the Vietnam War, which resulted in 58,000 American deaths.
Fifty years ago this Thursday, at the University of Michigan, Johnson had proposed legislating into existence a Great Society.
No less important, the Great Society pledge, and the fruit this would ultimately bear, profoundly recast the common understanding of the ends of governance in our country.
They present six case studies, winners of the Rudy Bruner Award, that offer policymakers hope for recovering from what they describe as the excesses and failures of Great Society social tinkering and the callous neglect of the Reagan era.
Kennedy, and the burst of legislation that laid the groundwork for Johnson's Great Society.
Taken together they suggest something akin to the Big Society, and so they should, for after JFK's assassination, Lyndon Johnson launched something called the Great Society, to pick up many of the ideals outlined by JFK in his historic inaugural address.

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