Great Valley

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Great Valley:

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, mountain system of E North America, extending in a broad belt c.1,600 mi (2,570 km) SW from the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec prov., Canada, to the Gulf coastal plain in Alabama. Main sections in the system are the White Mts., Green Mts.
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This, Captain Bonneville was assured by a veteran hunter in his company, was the great valley of the Seedske-dee; and the same informant would have fain persuaded him that a small stream, three feet deep, which he came to on the
So the first thing they resolved upon was to despatch three men away before it was light, two Spaniards and one Englishman, to drive away all the goats to the great valley where the cave was, and, if need were, to drive them into the very cave itself.
To the west was a great valley, and then, rising far away, great jagged mountain fastnesses, rising peak on peak, the sheer rock studded with mountain ash and thorn, whose roots clung in cracks and crevices and crannies of the stone.
Far ahead, miles and miles away, I saw a great valley and mighty woods, and beyond these a broad expanse of water.
Natural selection can act only by the preservation and accumulation of infinitesimally small inherited modifications, each profitable to the preserved being; and as modern geology has almost banished such views as the excavation of a great valley by a single diluvial wave, so will natural selection, if it be a true principle, banish the belief of the continued creation of new organic beings, or of any great and sudden modification in their structure.
The road follows the foot of the sloping cliff, which forms the northern boundary of the great valley, in which the Rio Negro flows.
Contract award notice: current maintenance of county roads during winter in dambovita county listed in the annex, the great valley gaesti-costesti-vale - 80.
Marking the event were community leaders Gene Dooley, chief of police in Whiteland Township; Terry Woodmen, township zoning officer; Deb Abel, vice chair of the Planning Commission; Great Valley Chamber of Commerce members, developers, local business owners, local residents and NVR employees.
Travel Business Review-October 12, 2011--Fairfield Inn Philadelphia Great Valley Hotel to Celebrate Homecoming Festivities(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.
13-15 at the Penn State Great Valley Conference Center near the company's Malvern, Pa.
The great Valley Road of Virginia; Shenandoah landscapes from prehistory to the present.
The Great Valley School District in Malvern, Pennsylvania has become the first district in the state to take advantage of free money offered to convert school buses to lower-emission alternative fuels.