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But what of Cohen's main point--that these 100 days were "the third great revolution in U.
EDS: THIS REPORTAGE, THE FIRST OF THREE SCOPE NEWS FOCUS STORIES ON NORTH KOREA, IS BASED ON THE WRITER'S VISIT TO PYONGYANG EARLY THIS MONTH) At the Three Great Revolution Exhibition Hall in the heart of Pyongyang is a film showing the launch of the ballistic missile Tepodong No.
What made Paris between 1830 and 1848 incendiary was that the work of the Great Revolution seemed to many so flagrantly incomplete.
We have the same rules, more or less the same teams composed of more or less the same players and no great revolution in playing styles.
The paintings we made with such remarkable skill about 30,000 years ago on the walls of caves in today's southern Europe signal a great revolution in the development of modern man.
The next great revolution will be in providing more content that helps African Americans manage their lives better.
They seem certain to produce a great revolution in the civilized world.
The next great revolution in our understanding of reality--topping Newton's and Einstein's insights--may only come about when scientists agree that time does not exist, writes independent physicist Julian Barbour in The End of Time.
THE LAST GREAT REVOLUTION Turmoil and Transformation in Iran
Much will depend on whether the implementation of the new technology will require an equally great revolution in the production facilities and integration systems of vendors.