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1. a passenger or freight-carrying ship, boat, etc.
2. an aircraft, esp an airship
3. Anatomy a tubular structure that transports such body fluids as blood and lymph
4. Botany a tubular element of xylem tissue consisting of a row of cells in which the connecting cell walls have broken down



(also trachea), in plants, a conducting element of xylem that consists of a long hollow tube formed by a single row of cells (vessel members) perforated on their transverse walls. Vessels are characteristic of angiosperms (except for certain Polycarpicae [Trochodendron, drimys] and Liliaceae [lily of the valley, dracena, agave]); they also occur in some ferns (Pleridium), selaginella, Equisetum, and Gneticae (ephedra, Gnetum, Welwitschia).

Vessels may be annular, helical, scalariform, or pitted, depending on the structures of their lateral walls. In annular and helical vessels the secondary membrane resembles rings or twisted ribbons. The vessels arise in the early stages of the development of plant organs and are capable of extension. Scalariform and pitted vessels with larger deposits of secondary membrane and bordered pits in the walls are formed in organs that have finished growing lengthwise. After the lignification of the membranes, the cell protoplasts die and the cavity of the vessel fills with water.

Primitive vessels were characterized by great length (reaching 1.3 mm) and small diameter; the lateral walls were marked by scalariform porosity (tulip tree), and the angular cross section of vessel members had scalariform perforations on sloped transverse walls. Highly specialized vessels are composed of short vessel members that in cross section are rounded and have a wide opening (reaching 0.5 mm in diameter). The vessel members have simple perforations on the transverse walls and small alternate pits on the lateral walls (ash, oak).


What does it mean when you dream about a vessel?

A vessel in a dream may be the container that holds the dreamer’s valuables. The size and the condition of the vessel—e.g., old and tarnished or new and shiny—may indicate if these are established ideals or things newly acquired. Vessels can also be containers of the self.


A water-conducting tube or duct in the xylem.
A container or structural envelope in which materials are processed, treated, or stored; for example, pressure vessels, reactor vessels, agitator vessels, and storage vessels (tanks).
(naval architecture)
Any craft that can carry people or cargo over the surface of the water.
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Postcontrast scans taken at the level of the arch of the aorta and main pulmonary artery show focal loss of planes with the great vessels.
Entering at a 45-degree angle should make it easier to avoid the great vessels in a patient less than 160 pounds, but in someone over 220 pounds, the angle should be more like 90 degrees, and between 160 and 220 pounds you need to use your judgment," he said at the conference.
Rendered views of the great vessels can be obtained with a variety of techniques, including inversion mode for volume datasets acquired using gray scale only (Figure 18, D-TGA), color Doppler (Figures 1 and 5), power Doppler (Figure 6), and B-flow imaging (Figures 7 and 19).
Phase contrast velocity encoded MRI allows one to obtain measures of blood velocity plotted over the cardiac cycle through the valves and the great vessels.
5) An arterial switch procedure, developed by Jatene in 1975, offered a more definitive method of correction by transection and translocation of the great vessels, translocation of the coronary arteries, and establishment of "normal" ventriculoarterial connections.
Radiolucencies may be seen surrounding great vessels due to the air tracking alongside them.
Congenital heart disease is a defect in the structure of the heart and great vessels that is present at birth.
The transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) procedure is an advanced echocardiography assessment with a specialized probe that allows main sections of the heart and great vessels to be clearly demonstrated from the esophagus.
At the age of 2 weeks, she had undergone surgery for transposition of the great vessels.
They detail surgical approaches to the heart, the normal surgical anatomy of the cardiac chambers, the valves and systems for circulation and conduction within the heart, congenitally malformed hearts, lesions, abnormalities of the great vessels, and positional abnormalities of the heart.
The artificial heart was connected to his atria and great vessels, where it assumed the function of both ventricles and began pumping blood throughout his vascular system.
This differs from standard cardiopulmonary bypass, in which a metal grip is clamped on the exterior of the aorta and tubes are placed in the great vessels of the heart to divert blood flow.