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great white shark:

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large, ferocious shark, Carcharodon carcharias. Also known as the great white shark and maneater, this shark can attack swimmers and boats without provocation, though it does not typically do so.
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Dan Jarvis, welfare development and field support officer with British Divers Marine Life Rescue, said this pup was not killed by a Great White shark, but added that it could have been bitten by another type of shark after it died.
Abe McGarth, 35, was surfing at Iluka on the north coast of New South Wales in September when an 11-foot great white shark attacked him, snapping his board, biting his hip, and flinging him up in the air.
Each of the sharks had a big wound on its underside, a sign of the dexterity of the killer whale, whose biggest males can be well over 30ft long - considerably larger than great white sharks, which rarely grow larger than 18ft.
And, indeed, swimming in the Pacific Ocean below and clearly visible from the air, were several great white sharks.
We won't be culling great white sharks, but part of the research program (involves) tagging on the north coast so that we can better inform the public about the movement of those sharks, and better understand their behavior," Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair told reporters on Friday.
Great white sharks are not exactly known as picky eaters, so it might seem obvious that these voracious predators would dine often and well on their migrations across the Pacific Ocean.
A great white shark, if it mistakes you for its normal prey item, say a seal, will first make a test bite.
A BRITISH man was yesterday fighting for his life after being mauled in a horror attack by a great white shark.
Methods for capturing, preserving, and reconstructing great white sharks are described in detail and illustrated with b&w photos and images on every page.
Today we have solid evidence that great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) attain 6.
GREAT white sharks and serial killers share the same hunting instincts, scientists have found.
HOLIDAYMAKERS can breath a sigh of relief after marine experts said the prospect of great white sharks visiting the coast of North Wales was "extremely unlikely".