Greater Lebanon

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Greater Lebanon:

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, officially Lebanese Republic, republic (2015 est. pop. 5,851,000), 4,015 sq mi (10,400 sq km), SW Asia. The country is bordered on the west by the Mediterranean Sea, on the north and east by Syria and on the south by Israel. The capital is Beirut.
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The commemoration of Greater Lebanon should be a forward-looking effort to answer the question of what the future of Greater Lebanon is in the upcoming centennial, rather than a celebration or mere reflection on the past 100 years.
Even at the founding of Greater Lebanon, the Maronites constituted a minority of the population.
Greater Lebanon's boundaries were set by the Franco-British partition plan of 1915-1920.
He investigates the crucial place Phoenicianism occupied in the formation of Greater Lebanon in 1920, and explores the way the Jesuit Order and the French authorities propagated this myth during the mandate years.
The book is divided, like Gaul, into three parts: "Elements of Lebanon" containing three chapters, "Greater Lebanon 1920-1989," also with three chapters, and "Lebanon after the Cold War" with two chapters and the Conclusion.
France and the Maronites of Mount Lebanon disagreed, and in 1920 France divided Syria, creating the new State of the Greater Lebanon, which later became the independent modern Lebanese state.
Aoun was speaking in a recent speech celebrating the centennial of the formation of Greater Lebanon last Saturday, when he recalled the "state terror practiced by the Ottomans against the Lebanese, especially during World War I."
NNA -- In an issued statement Monday by the Lebanese Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Ministry, it deplored the statement issued by the Turkish Foreign Ministry in response to President Michel Aoun's address marking the start of the first centenary of the declaration of the "State of Greater Lebanon".
The association was founded a year before the creation, after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, of Greater Lebanon. The Lebanese Court of Cassation will celebrate its 100th anniversary in June.
The secular French Republic sought to carve out a Christian entity in the form of Greater Lebanon, using Catholic links as a bridgehead into inner Syria.
How can one believe that the formula of a Lesser Syria and a "Greater Lebanon" will become stabilized?
The Seven Villages lie just south of the present Lebanon-Israel 'border ' and remain a sensitive issue for Hezbollah since they were originally populated by Shia whose farms wereAa inside the French mandate of Greater Lebanon after World War I.

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