Greater Yellowstone Coalition

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Greater Yellowstone Coalition (GYC)

Address:13 S Willson Ave, Suite 2
PO Box 1874
Bozeman, MT 59715

Established: 1983. Description:Dedicated to protecting and preserving the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, the area including and surrounding Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. (see separate entries in national parks section). Members: 13,000. Dues: $35/year.
Publications: Greater Yellowstone Report (quarterly); free to members and free online. Also publishes a wide range of other reports and studies on the Greater Yellowstone region.

See other parks in Montana.
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We are seeing health benefits from the snowmobile phaseout underway in Yellowstone that both the National Park Service and the Environmental Protection Agency predicted," said Greater Yellowstone Coalition executive director Michael Scott.
We're also concerned that the mine will displace wildlife, like grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, and elk, whose habitats lie near the mine site," says Ekey of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition.
To the Sierra Club and the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, this New World looks too much like the old one.
Tom McNamee, President of the 2,300-member, nonprofit Greater Yellowstone Coalition, which promotes an ecological perspective and supports prescribed burning, says, "Yellowstone was formed by some very violent events.
The other groups behind the successful challenge were the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, The Wilderness Society and Winter Wildlands Alliance.
But NPCA teamed with the Greater Yellowstone Coalition and The Wilderness Society to file suit, supporting the crucial input that these agencies provide, and insisting that their findings can't merely be swept aside by the Bush Administration.
That's just what the Greater Yellowstone Coalition is dedicated to doing, says the group's stewardship program director, Dennis Glick.
The Park Service keeps using the excuse that they need more data to restrict snowmobiles," says Jeanne-Marie Souvigney, associate program director of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, "but they have enough.
The Noranda deal had been secretly negotiated by Mike Clark of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition.

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