Classical order

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An arch of two orders, 3, each having its carved hood molding
Doric order, 2
1. In Classical architecture, an arrangement of a particular style of column together with the entablature (which it supports) and standardized details, including its base and capital. The Greeks developed the Corinthian order, Doric order, and Ionic order; the Romans added the Composite order and Tuscan order. For each order, the height and spacing of the columns is established in terms of a specified number of diameters of the lower part of the columns; the design of the base and capital is also prescribed. The height of the entablatures is determined by the height of the columns.
2. In masonry, one ring of several around an arch.
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The Roman layer, which is the most ancient and deepest, is occupied by the round arch, which reappears, supported by the Greek column, in the modern and upper layer of the Renaissance.
It is impressive arriving at the 18th Century hotel, a glorious pile fronted with classical Greek columns.
Sights include the Lincoln Memorial - the iconic white building surrounded by Greek columns, with the giant statue of the 16th president sitting inside.
Teacher Michelle Sauer says, "We focused on Greek architecture for this lesson, specifically the Greek columns. We learned the three orders: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian.
Coffee was served with balikutsa, Ilocos pulled sugar shaped like the top of Greek columns.
Its porch entrance is supported by Greek columns and leads into a hall with mahogany staircase and flagstone floors.
As in Chicago and New York, early Toronto skyscrapers resembled huge Greek columns, with a distinct base and capital.
The guests of Louis XV must have been suitably impressed by the neoclassical-style theatre, decorated with Greek columns, wooden walls painted to look like marble and side-wall mirrors that reflected the ceiling frescoes and made the candlelit room seem endiess.Th.e oval theatre--innovative at a time when France's other theatres were all rectangular--had acoustics that are still considered among the best in Europe and loved by musicians.
PATRICIA LEIGH BROWN NYT SYNDICATE THE prom countdown was nearly complete, the do-it-yourself Greek columns, pink and white tulle bows and plastic flutes with the "Once Upon a Dream" logo awaiting the evening of evenings.
Coldplay kicked off the show with their track Charlie Brown, performing in the round, shortly followed by a performance by Florence + The Machine on a stage decked with Greek columns.
I built our house on the bay out of an old barn and Greek columns,