Greek key

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1. An ornament, sometimes painted, incised, or raised and formed of short fillets, bands, or reglets variously combined, frequently consisting of continuous lines arranged in rectangular forms; a meander; a Greek key.
2. Similar ornamentation in which the fillets intersect at oblique angles, as often in Oriental designs.
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Smith and Noble offers the Greek key motif in bright combinations of tangerine, navy, red or deep pink with white, or a more subtle pairing of pale gray or aqua with off-white -- especially pretty for sheer curtains.
use pattern such as the Greek key on a work of art.
They incorporate references to the past, like the Greek key motif, derived from classical antiquity.
Try an intricate pattern such as Greek key or simple stripes to instantly improve desks, shelving and dressers.
A beautifully patinated Tiffany table lamp with stained glass shade enhanced with a Greek Key border and acorn finial is the top lot in the upcoming sale.
The dials are engraved with Greek key and Medusa logos, a feature common to many timepieces within the collection.
For the collaboration we've brought back from the archives, as well as from more recent collections, some of the icons of Versace, such as the bright prints, the Greek key and daring cuts.
com; Dining Room: Portrait Artist: JASON BOULDIN; RUG: Oushak; DRAPES: Interials fabric; CHINA: Rosenthal; CRYSTAL: Rosepoint; Breakfast Room: CHAIR FABRIC: Duralee; Study: Portrait Artist: JASON BOULDIN; Master Bedroom: DRAPES: Greef fabric; COVERLET: Jane Wilner Design; ARTWORK: Yvette Sturgis, see above; BED: Lloyd Ridings of Macon; Blue Bedroom: WALL COVERING: Osborne & Little; DRAPES: Greenhouse fabric; GREEK KEY BORDER: Samuel & Sons; BED: C.
There was not such a happy outcome for Jamie Spencer on fifth-placed Greek Key, as he was found to have interfered with unplaced Red Eddie on the home bend and was handed a three-day ban (October 13-15) for careless riding.
From the 1920s staircases and original wooden doors with brass fittings to Greek key motif friezes in the coffee shop ceiling and the war memorial to staff who gave their lives in theworldwars.
Adventure Series includes rugs with touches of animal print, while Irving Park has Asian-inspired oversized florals with Greek key accents, Shabtai said.
Dating to the same period was a fine serpentine fronted mahogany chest on chest with a Greek key frieze and a dentil cornice, having seven long drawers as well as a brushing slide.