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When you cross the road always use the Green Cross Code."
The screenplay tells of the star's journey from champion weightlifter to Green Cross Code Man, to one of the scariest villains of all time.
We all have a part to play in ensuring our children learn how to stay safe online, just as they need to learn the Green Cross Code. And just as there are speed limits and pedestrian crossings, so should internet companies incorporate child safety when they design these digital worlds.
"It's a bit late to learn the green cross code for this poor rabbit.
But some experts say the Green Cross Code should be the basis of road safety and question 20mph zones.
...the Green Cross Code Man is credited with saving over a quarter of a million children's lives during his '70s campaign
And to potentially put themselves at even more risk, nearly one in ten children (8%) admit to crossing the road while talking on their phones, texting or listening to an iPod/MP3 player and almost a fifth (18%) never follow the Green Cross Code when crossing the road.
The survey also showed that 42 per cent of the 1,317 parents questioned, and 18 per cent of the 1,000 children aged seven to 12 who were polled, did not follow the Green Cross Code when crossing roads.
The campaign's main announcement will be a new digital code - Zip it, Block it, Flag it - described as a Green Cross Code for children on the internet.
"We have a team of 15 staff who help them leave but children being children they don't always follow the green cross code."
The old Green Cross Code was great at educating youngsters and should be reinforced today.