Green Mountain Boys

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Green Mountain Boys,

popular name of armed bands formed (c.1770) under the auspices of Ethan AllenAllen, Ethan,
1738–89, hero of the American Revolution, leader of the Green Mountain Boys, and promoter of the independence and statehood of Vermont, b. Litchfield (?), Conn.
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 in the Green Mountains of what is today Vermont. Their purpose was to prevent the New Hampshire GrantsNew Hampshire Grants,
early name (1749–77) for Vermont, given because most of the early settlers came in under land grants from Benning Wentworth, the colonial governor of New Hampshire.
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, as Vermont was then known, from becoming part of New York, to which it had been awarded by the British. Land speculators, such as Allen and his brothers, and settlers banded together in armed groups to defend their lands. Their methods were threat, intimidation, and actual violence against the New Yorkers, and they managed to keep the region free from New York control, establishing (1777) instead a separate government that ultimately achieved (1791) statehood for Vermont. In the American Revolution the Green Mountain Boys figured prominently in 1775, when, under Allen's leadership, they captured Ticonderoga. In 1777 Seth Warner and John StarkStark, John,
1728–1822, American Revolutionary soldier, b. Londonderry, N.H. He fought in the French and Indian Wars. At the start of the Revolution he distinguished himself at Bunker Hill, and he served in the Quebec campaign and with George Washington at Princeton and
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 led them to victory at Bennington—one of the notable achievements of the revolutionaries in the Saratoga campaign.
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When he heard the British surrender was about to take place, the indignant Sherwood hobbled from his hospital tent to the armistice to face down the Green Mountain Boys.
At great risk to his personal safety, Sherwood headed south to parlay with the Green Mountain Boys, despite a price on his head and his lifetime banishment from the colony.
Ethan Allen and his illegal army known as the Green Mountain Boys used muskets, swords and torches to oust the Yorkers and return the farmland to Vermont settlers, though it had often been ravaged and razed in the process.
the original spelling), helped organize the Green Mountain Boys.
He learns the names of the 83 Green Mountain Boys who helped Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold capture the fort at Ticonderoga-the first great victory of the American Revolution.
The artist also discovers that the house he has bought was the place where the Green Mountain Boys reconnoitered in 1775 before the attack on Ticonderoga and Crown Point.
The young active-duty Airmen are also changing the way the Green Mountain Boys think and operate, affecting a unit that has been around since 1946.
The Green Mountain Boys, including all of their newest members, will deploy this spring in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom--the ultimate test for community basing.
Less than a year into the program and many of the Green Mountain Boys are already calling community basing a success.
The text is a reprint of Alan Solomon's 1966 Vogue article "The Green Mountain Boys.
Back in the 1770s, Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys tried mightily to protect the area's New Hampshire settlers from getting pushed around by the influx of New Yorkers.
The Green Mountain boy answered, 'By God, guess you're right.

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