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In September, Nielsen shared a stomach-churning photo of the remains of a polar bear extracted from the stomach of a Greenland shark.
The team also believes Greenland sharks don't reach sexual maturity until they are 150 years old.
However, the Greenland shark is particularly soft, and until now, thought to be undatable.
During 1936-48, Hansen (1963) applied brass tags, known as Petersen dises, to the jaw and pectoral fins of Greenland sharks, Somniosus microcephalus, to study their growth and migrations in the Aretic.
Given that the Greenland shark is one of the largest carnivores in the world and the king of the food chain in the Arctic Ocean, it is almost unbelievable that we don't know if this shark lives to 20 years or to 1,000," says Campana, who studies shark aging.
According to the Shark Trust the Greenland shark is "a massive species with a heavy cylindrical body and short rounded snout" that can sometimes be found off Scotland, in the North Sea and part of the English Channel.
Greenland sharks grow to 23ft - bigger than the great whites of Jaws fame - and are so ferocious they even eat polar bears.
Therefore, given the evidence of ontogenetic, seasonal, and geographic diet shifts in many shark species, including the Greenland shark, southern sleeper shark, and Pacific sleeper shark (Orlov and Moiseev, 1999; Fisk et al.
The Greenland shark was already known to be the world's slowest swimming shark, but its sluggishness surprised the scientists.
79-133), which include natural population dynamics, food availability, predation by polar bears and other species (Arctic fox, Atlantic walrus, Greenland shark, killer whales), human harvesting, climate and climate changes, disease, and pollution.
The meat of a Greenland shark is poisonous when eaten by People.
Now comes a report that says the Greenland shark lives in the St.