Greenwich Time

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Greenwich Mean Time

, Greenwich Time
mean solar time on the 0? meridian passing through Greenwich, England, measured from midnight: formerly a standard time in Britain and a basis for calculating times throughout most of the world, it has been replaced by an atomic timescale

Greenwich Time

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Because of the variation in time caused by various time changes as one moves east or west across Earth, astrologers have found it convenient to construct tables such as ephemerides (tables of planetary positions) with the time at Greenwich, England, as a benchmark. Greenwich lies exactly on the 0° longitude line, which makes it relatively easy to determine the number of hours to add or subtract to local time in order to obtain Greenwich time (15° = 1 hour).


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By 1870, Britain's General Post Office had been given the monopoly for transmitting the Greenwich time signal to those willing to pay for it, up to 42 [pounds sterling] a year.
Stroumbakis has been among the many doctors in the state who have been seeking a $250,000 cap on the non-economic damages a patient can collect in malpractice cases," wrote the editor of The Greenwich Time.
As a reporter, Abbott helped Greenwich Time start its weekly religion page in 1997, writing a twice-monthly column.
A Brazilian citizen, for example, will be able to buy shares of the Vanguard 500 Index Fund in London at midnight, using its price in New York at 0200 Greenwich Time, to be settled in Japanese yen.
A friend who writes for the Greenwich Time tells me in a letter: "Ivana Tramp's house on Indian Harbor sold for 15 million, new Greenwich record.
The first satellite feed will be coordinated worldwide at 14:00 Greenwich Time; the second satellite feed at 17:00 Greenwich Time.
the project specifically relates to the restoration and re-commissioning of hull s guildhall greenwich time ball.
At the midway point was another Hearst Connecticut title, the Greenwich Time, which gained 6.
As if that were not enough, there was the bold decision in principle to defy nature and put Britain, at least for a trial period, on Berlin rather than Greenwich time.
Greenwich time on April 22, but for people watching from the U.
Carlos Trujillo, 49, of Bridgeport, was found not guilty Thursday of murder in the April 2006 killing of Andrew Kissel, the Greenwich Time reported.
David Rooney is the author of Ruth Belville:The Greenwich Time Lady (National Maritime Museum, 2008).

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