Greenwich Time

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Greenwich Mean Time

, Greenwich Time
mean solar time on the 0? meridian passing through Greenwich, England, measured from midnight: formerly a standard time in Britain and a basis for calculating times throughout most of the world, it has been replaced by an atomic timescale
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Greenwich Time

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Because of the variation in time caused by various time changes as one moves east or west across Earth, astrologers have found it convenient to construct tables such as ephemerides (tables of planetary positions) with the time at Greenwich, England, as a benchmark. Greenwich lies exactly on the 0° longitude line, which makes it relatively easy to determine the number of hours to add or subtract to local time in order to obtain Greenwich time (15° = 1 hour).


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The second 2014 meteor shower live feed will begin at 12:30 am CDT (5:30 am Greenwich Time) on Friday night or Saturday morning, May 23 and 24.
The Greenwich Time signal is broadcast on DAB about two seconds later than the FM signal.
On October 20, 2006, the "Greenwich Time" of Connecticut reported that a Florida federal judge had dismissed a lawsuit against Royal Caribbean International (RCI).
Atomic watches and clocks are automatically programmed to receive the Greenwich time signal from a transmitter in Rugby, Warwickshire, at pre-defined times.
Clearly you are free to play the devil with Greenwich time in a world where a man can turn into a woman--but to rub it in by mentioning thirty years--just that number--as his/her age at the critical point sets the reader a counting: Why, he must have been born about the time of the Civil War--and a page to Queen Elizabeth?--and what was Charles II about to send such a veteran old man on an embassy?
Timed to occur at noon Greenwich time, the grass-roots meditation effort attempts to unite people in a simultaneous meditation for world peace.
The headline comes from the Greenwich Time. The Jesuits have bested the Cardinals only once in 38 years.
Gay reports that "good timekeeping did not exist outside astronomical observatories, and the work shops of a few clock-makers, until very late in the 19th century." The situation even yielded a tidy income for John Henry Belville, who acquired the accurate time from the Royal Observatory on a chronometer and then "sold the time." By 1870, Britain's General Post Office had been given the monopoly for transmitting the Greenwich time signal to those willing to pay for it, up to 42 [pounds sterling] a year.
Stroumbakis has been among the many doctors in the state who have been seeking a $250,000 cap on the non-economic damages a patient can collect in malpractice cases," wrote the editor of The Greenwich Time. "That made this court case a topic of conversation in Hartford, as members of the legislature considered the issue."
As a reporter, Abbott helped Greenwich Time start its weekly religion page in 1997, writing a twice-monthly column.
Notice of the application, affording interested persons an opportunity to comment, has been published in a newspaper of general circulation in Greenwich, Connecticut (Greenwich Time, November 1, 2000).

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