Greenwich meridian

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Greenwich meridian:

see prime meridianprime meridian,
meridian that is designated zero degree (0°) longitude, from which all other longitudes are measured. By international convention, it passes through the site of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England; for this reason, it is sometimes called the Greenwich
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Greenwich meridian

[′gren·ich mə′rid·ē·ən]
The meridian passing through Greenwich, England, and serving as the reference for Greenwich time; it also serves as the origin of measurement of longitude.
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I DID IT: Jason Lewis crosses the Greenwich Meridian finish line; GREETING: adventurer Jason Lewis is mobbed by children as he arrives on dry land; CELEBRATE: drinking
Fittingly in this location, on the Greenwich Meridian at 51.5 degrees north, on a site where astronomers pioneered in mapping the stars, physical position is everything.
At zero degrees, you will see the Greenwich Meridian, also known as the Prime Meridian.
Jason Lewis, 38, from Bridport, Dorset, has so far cycled more than 2,100 miles on the Far East leg of his Expedition 360 - which has clocked up over 37,000 miles since it began at the Greenwich Meridian in London 12 years ago.
* The longitude of a place is the angle between the plane of its meridian and the plane of the Greenwich meridian. The latter defines places of longitude 0[degrees].
Greenwich Meridian The imaginary vertical line that extends from the north to the south pole, identified as zero degrees.
Between the International Date Line and the Greenwich Meridian, the term 'hurricane' (from the Arawak word urakan--'center of the wind') is used.
Input the numbers correctly: a minus latitude is in the Southern Hemisphere; a minus longitude is west of England's Greenwich meridian. Locations in Europe have a positive longitude.
The Thames alone has seen along its banks the construction of the Dome (a massive structure designed by architect, Richard Rogers, and located on the Greenwich meridian to mark the new millennium); an elegantly designed pedestrian bridge leading in one direction to the newly created Tate Modern (a museum of modern art in a converted power station) and in the other towards St Paul's Cathedral--new and old in juxtaposition; and a mighty `Wheel' (sited opposite the Houses of Parliament) to offer visitors and Londoners alike a magnificent view across the city.
He also speculates that the fact that the railroads, not the government, brought in Standard Time, permitted the adoption of the Greenwich meridian as the basis for calculating American time, a principle confirmed by the international meridian conference held in the U.S.
William Muir seems to have found a winning opportunity for Tailwind in the Greenwich Meridian Selling Stakes (2.45) at Southwell.
Given that Laima's 26-hour flight would have crossed about four time zones (but not the Greenwich Meridian), the total flight time from Newfoundland (local time) to Scotland (local time) could not have possibly been spread over more than 3 calendar days.

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