Grégoire Kayibanda

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Kayibanda, Grégoire


Born May 1, 1924, in the commune of Musambira, Gitarama Province. Rwandan political figure and statesman.

Kayibanda was educated in Catholic seminaries in the cities of Kabgaye and Nyakibanda. In the second half of the 1950’s he was editor in chief of the newspaper Kinyamateka, which was founded by a group from the intelligentsia advocating Rwanda’s independence. In 1959 he was one of the chief organizers of the party known as PARMEHUTU (Hutu Emancipation Movement; since 1960 it has been called the Republican Democratic Movement). From July 1962 to July 1973 he was president of the Republic of Rwanda. Kayibanda was deposed on July 5, 1973, after a coup d’etat.

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In his case study of pyrethrum farming (daisies from which an insecticidal compound is extracted), Huggins takes us back to 1963, when the Gregoire Kayibanda administration created pyrethrum farms from the Volcanoes National Park to produce one of Rwanda's key exports.
A Hutu revolution installs Gregoire Kayibanda as president.
This article reassesses the political rhetoric and authority of pre-genocide Rwanda to bring nuance to our understanding of the regimes of Gregoire Kayibanda (First Republic, 1961-73) and Juvenal Habyarimana (Second Republic, 1973-94).
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