Gregorio Maranon

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Marañón, Gregorio

(grāgō`rēō märänyōn`), 1887–1960, Spanish essayist, b. Madrid. A physician and professor of endocrinology, he used his scientific knowledge and approach to analyze literary characters, historical figures, writers, and artists. His works include Ensayo biológico sobre Enrique IV y su tiempo [biological essay about Henry IV and his time] (1930), and El Greco y Toledo [El Greco and Toledo] (1956).
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WGS was performed in Hospital Gregorio Maranon (Madrid, Spain) as detailed elsewhere (14) on 2-3 representative isolates of each cluster.
In the sub-section on "El amor y la expresion del deseo erotico," for example, a preliminary description of female biological destiny--maternity--espoused by prestigious early twentieth-century physicians such as Gregorio Maranon and Santiago Ramon y Cajal, serves to clarify the ambiguous portrayal of female identities found in the poetic texts.
"This is the first trial in which it has been demonstrated that allogeneic cardiac stem cells can be transplanted safely through the coronary tree, and in the worst possible setting represented by patients with an acute heart attack with left ventricular dysfunction," said principal investigator Fernandez-Aviles of the Hospital General Universitare Gregorio Maranon (Madrid, Spain).
Celia Horcajada-Reales, MD, Hospital Gregorio Maranon, Calle del Dr.
Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Maranon. c/ Lope de Rueda 43, 28009 Madrid, Espana.