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brothers; Czech political figures. Founders (with K. Sladkovsky) and leaders of the bourgeois liberal Young Czech Party. Editors and publishers (after I860) of the newspaper Národní listy.

Edvard Grégr. Born Mar. 4, 1827, in Styr, Upper Austria; died Apr. 1, 1907, in Lŝtšni u Cercan, Bohemia. Publicist. Deputy of the Czech district assembly (1861–1907) and the Austrian Diet (1883–1907). His publicistic articles supported a program proposed by the Young Czechs that by legal means would have changed the two-unit Austria-Hungary into a tripartite Austrian-Hungarian-Czech monarchy headed by the Hapsburgs.

Julius Grégr. Born Dec. 19, 1831, in Bŕezhrad, Bohemia; died Oct. 4, 1896, in Dol u Libŝic, Bohemia. Jurist. Deputy of the Czech district assembly (1865–94) and the Austrian Diet (1879–80). In 1867 he was a member of the Czech delegation to the Slavic Congress in Moscow.


[Denik.] E. Gregra. Edited by Z. Tobolka. Prague. 1908–14.


Heller, S. J. Gregr a jeho působení. Prague, 1896.


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