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(grĭnā`də), independent state within the Commonwealth of Nations (2015 est. pop. 107,000), 133 sq mi (344 sq km), in the Windward Islands, West Indies. The state includes the island of Grenada (120 sq mi/311 sq km) and the southern third of the Grenadines, a group of largely uninhabitable small islands and islets north of Grenada in the Windward Islands. Grenada is a volcanic, mountainous island with crater lakes. Like most Caribbean islands it is subject to hurricanes. One of the Caribbean's most active volcanoes, Kick 'em Jenny, is located underwater to the north of Grenada.

The capital, main port, and commercial center is Saint George'sSaint George's
or Saint George,
town (1991 pop. 4,439), capital of Grenada, in the West Indies. A port town on a deep and beautiful harbor, it is the administrative headquarters of the country and a growing tourist center. Chief exports are cacao, nutmeg, and mace. St.
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. The inhabitants are of mainly African descent and speak English, the official language, or a French patois. Over 50% of Grenadans are Roman Catholics; the balance is mainly Protestant, with Anglicanism the dominant denomination. Administratively, there are six parishes and one dependency. Grenada's economy is primarily agricultural, and bananas, cocoa, nutmeg, fruits and vegetables, and mace are exported. Textiles and clothing are manufactured. Tourism and private university education are an important source of foreign exchange. The main trading partners are the United States and Trinidad and Tobago.

Governed under the constitution of 1973, Grenada has a bicameral Parliament with a 15-member elected House of Representatives and a 13-member appointed Senate. The executive branch consists of a cabinet, led by a prime minister, who is the head of goverment. The British monarch, represented by a governor-general, is the head of state. Administratively, the country is divided into six parishes and one dependency (Petite Martinique).


From its sighting by Christopher Columbus in 1498 until French settlement began in 1650, the indigenous Caribs prevented European colonization on Grenada. A point of dispute between England and France, the island became permanently British in 1783. The British colonists imported African slaves and established sugar plantations. In 1967, Grenada became an associated state of Britain with full internal self-government. When complete independence was achieved in Feb., 1974, Grenada became a full member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

In 1979 a successful, bloodless coup established the People's Revolutionary Government (PRG) under Prime Minister Maurice Bishop. This government's Marxist leanings and favorable stance toward Cuba and the Soviet Union strained relations with the United States and other nations in the region. In Oct., 1983, after Bishop and his associates were assassinated by more hard-line radicals within his own movement. The United States, supported by some other Caribbean nations, then invaded and occupied Grenada after Grenada's governor-general, Paul Scoon, requested the intervention. A general election held in Dec., 1984, reestablished democratic government, with Herbert Blaize as prime minister. In the following decade Grenada received aid from Western nations; tourism expanded, but in other respects the economy did not appear to improve. After elections in 1995, Keith MitchellMitchell, Keith Claudius,
1946–, Grenadian political leader. Educated in the West Indies and the United States, he taught in Grenada and the United States and then worked as a consultant in Washington, D.C.
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, leader of the New National party (NNP), became prime minister; the NNP won all the seats in 1999. The party and Mitchell narrowly retained power in the 2003 elections. Grenada was devastated by Hurricane Ivan in Sept., 2004. In the parliamentary elections of 2008, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) defeated the NNP, and NDC leader Tillman Thomas became prime minister. Five years later the NDC was swept from office and Mitchell returned to power as the NNP won all the seats; Mitchell and the NNP repeated their sweep in 2018.

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an island in the Atlantic Ocean, the southernmost of the Lesser Antilles. Area, 340 sq km; population, 103,000 (1968). Grenada was a British possession, having the legal status of “a state associated with Great Britain”; it became independent in February 1974. The island is of volcanic origin and has several volcanic peaks rising to 840 m. Its climate is rainy-and-dry tropical and marine, with an average monthly temperature of approximately 26° C and an average annual rainfall of more than 1,500 mm; it has rainy tropical and evergreen forests. The main food crops are cocoa, nutmeg, sugarcane, and bananas. The principal city and port is St. George’s. Grenada was discovered by Columbus in 1498.

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Official name: Grenada

Capital city: Saint George’s

Internet country code: .gd

Flag description: A rectangle divided diagonally into yellow triangles (top and bottom) and green triangles (hoist side and outer side), with a red border around the flag; there are seven yellow five-pointed stars with three cen­tered in the top red border, three centered in the bottom red border, and one on a red disk superimposed at the center of the flag; there is also a symbolic nutmeg pod on the hoist-side triangle (Grenada is the world’s second-largest producer of nutmeg, after Indonesia); the seven stars represent the seven administrative divisions

National anthem: “Hail! Grenada, land of ours” (first line)

Geographical description: Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, north of Trinidad and Tobago

Total area: 133 sq. mi. (344 sq. km.)

Climate: Tropical; tempered by northeast trade winds

Nationality: noun: Grenadian(s); adjective: Grenadian

Population: 89,971 (July 2007 CIA est.)

Ethnic groups: African 82%, mixed African and European 13%, European and East Indian 5%, and trace of
Arawak/Carib Amerindian

Languages spoken: English (official), French patois

Religions: Roman Catholic 44%; Anglican 12%; Pentecostal 11%; Seventh-Day Adventist 11%; Methodist, Presbyteri­an, Church of God, Baptist, and Evangelical more than 2%; Jehovah’s Witnesses, Brethren, Baha’i, Hindu, Mora­vian, Muslim, Rastafarian, and Salvation Army 1% or less; none 4%

Legal Holidays:

Boxing DayDec 26
Christmas DayDec 25
Easter MondayApr 25, 2011; Apr 9, 2012; Apr 1, 2013; Apr 21, 2014; Apr 6, 2015; Mar 28, 2016; Apr 17, 2017; Apr 2, 2018; Apr 22, 2019; Apr 13, 2020; Apr 5, 2021; Apr 18, 2022; Apr 10, 2023
Emancipation DayAug 1, 2011; Aug 6, 2012; Aug 5, 2013; Aug 4, 2014; Aug 3, 2015; Aug 1, 2016; Aug 7, 2017; Aug 6, 2018; Aug 5, 2019; Aug 3, 2020; Aug 2, 2021; Aug 1, 2022; Aug 7, 2023
Good FridayApr 22, 2011; Apr 6, 2012; Mar 29, 2013; Apr 18, 2014; Apr 3, 2015; Mar 25, 2016; Apr 14, 2017; Mar 30, 2018; Apr 19, 2019; Apr 10, 2020; Apr 2, 2021; Apr 15, 2022; Apr 7, 2023
Independence DayFeb 7
Labour DayMay 1
New Year's DayJan 1
Thanksgiving DayOct 25
Whit MondayJun 13, 2011; May 28, 2012; May 20, 2013; Jun 9, 2014; May 25, 2015; May 16, 2016; Jun 5, 2017; May 21, 2018; Jun 10, 2019; Jun 1, 2020; May 24, 2021; Jun 6, 2022; May 29, 2023
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an island state in the Caribbean, in the Windward Islands: formerly a British colony (1783--1967); since 1974 an independent state within the Commonwealth; occupied by US troops (1983--85); mainly agricultural. Official language: English. Religion: Christian majority. Currency: East Caribbean dollar. Capital: St George's. Pop.: 80 000 (2003 est.). Area: 344 sq. km (133 sq. miles)
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While this self-placement identifies the connectedness of origins, it does not suggest belonging in the sense of nation, home, or community.(16) The organizing center for seeing and depicting, the scales of comparison, and the approaches and evaluations determining how her experiences in New Grenada, Panama, and Europe are to be seen and understood are not located in a Jamaican social reality, but "at home" in post-Crimean England.(17) Mary Seacole's roots may be in Jamaica, but her narrative is rooted in England.
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The island is sometimes referred to as the "Island of Spice" due to its massive cultivation of nutmeg and mace, of which Grenada is one of the top exporters globally.
Grenada has shown a commitment to protecting its democratic traditions and delivering educational and economic opportunities to its citizens, and the United States seeks to strengthen the ties of friendship between the two countries.
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