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see GrenadaGrenada
, independent state within the Commonwealth of Nations (2015 est. pop. 107,000), 133 sq mi (344 sq km), in the Windward Islands, West Indies. The state includes the island of Grenada (120 sq mi/311 sq km) and the southern half of the archipelago known as the Grenadines,
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; Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSaint Vincent and the Grenadines,
island nation (2015 est. pop. 109,000), 150 sq mi (388 sq km), West Indies, in the Windward Islands. It comprises the island of Saint Vincent (140 sq mi/363 sq km) and about two thirds of the small Grenadine islands to the south.
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; Windward IslandsWindward Islands,
southern group of the Lesser Antilles in the West Indies, curving generally southward for c.300 mi (480 km) from the Leeward Islands toward NE Venezuela.
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The increasing demand for local organic foods in St Vincent and the Grenadines presents an opportunity for a reexamination of the agricultural systems and for farmers to learn new methods of farming that are in harmony with the environment.
With the current economic situation in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines which is exacerbated by the global recession, CSOs are further constraint by limited opportunities to address global environmental problems, as well as poverty and capacity development issues at the community level.
Argyle International Airport is a new airport being constructed on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean Sea.
GRENADINES KUONI is offering seven nights all inclusive at the 4.
Vincent and the Grenadines government requires registration and custody of bearer share certificates by a registered agent who must also keep a record of each bearer certificate issued or deposited in its custody.
Vincent and the Grenadines as the United States men's soccer team attempts to clinch a place in the final round of World Cup qualifying.
Secondary students on the island nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines tried their hand at cooking fish in a competition in January.
The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, or ADFD, has agreed to provide Dh55 million loan to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to set up a geothermal power station.