George Grenville

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Grenville, George,

1712–70, British statesman, brother of Earl Temple. He entered Parliament in 1741, held several cabinet posts, and in 1763 became chief minister. His prosecution (1763) of John WilkesWilkes, John,
1727–97, English politician and journalist. He studied at the Univ. of Leiden, returned to England in 1746, and purchased (1757) a seat in Parliament.
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 provoked political reformers, and his attempt to tax the North American colonies internally through the Stamp ActStamp Act,
1765, revenue law passed by the British Parliament during the ministry of George Grenville. The first direct tax to be levied on the American colonies, it required that all newspapers, pamphlets, legal documents, commercial bills, advertisements, and other papers
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 raised opposition not only in America but also among the British commercial classes. Grenville alienated George III by insisting that he be the sole channel of ministerial communication to the throne, and he fell after a quarrel with the king about the composition of a regency council.
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