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As time went by, Mercedes apparently went through her fortune, but she managed to continue to travel the world, seeking spiritual guidance in India and stalking Greta Garbo in the U.
Greta Garbo became a (reclusive) myth very soon after her arrival in Hollywood.
Unlike her ancestor, Greta Garbo, known for her famous statement "I want to be left alone," Lisa Marie Garbo is encouraging others to join her on the path of size-acceptance for all plus-sized people.
Amy, 35, who is also mum to Sadie who'll be two in February, even joked they were a more suitable present than something from the company's Greta Garbo line.
1927: Greta Garbo and John Gilbert shocked cinemagoers by their uninhibited kissing in the silent film Flesh And The Devil.
1905: Greta Garbo, the Swedish shopgirl who became one of the most legendary film stars of all time, was born.
New York, December 3 ( ANI ): Greta Garbo - the legendarily reclusive actress who refused to sign autographs or give interviews - would have had "mixed feelings" if she knew about the auction next month of 800 of her possessions, according to her great-nephew Derek Reisfield.
CHAT'S ENTERTAINMENT: Burton talked about many things, including Liz Taylor, during his chat with Dick Cavett RACONTEUR: Richard Burton JOLLYWOOD: Humphrey Bogart and his wife Lauren Bacall tried to play a prank on Burton, while Greta Garbo (main picture) told the then rising star risqu stories
Actress Greta Garbo did not plead: "I want to be alone" and Harold Macmillan said his greatest difficulty as Prime Minister was "the opposition of events", not the widely reported "events, dear boy, events".
James Dean, Greta Garbo, Elvis Presley, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Muhammad Ali, Adolf Hitler, John F Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi and Queen Victoria, are among some of the people who feature in The World's Most Photographed exhibition.
Those three adjectives, by the way, perfectly describe the Violetta of soprano Elizabeth Futral, who sings the fallen woman at the heart of this tale -- a story some may know better in its silver-screen incarnation, the Greta Garbo vehicle ``Camille.
WASHINGTON, May 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Nearly 71 years after Greta Garbo (1905-1990) won her first award, she is still a worldwide sensation.