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Gretzky, Wayne

(Wayne Douglas Gretzky), 1961–, Canadian ice hockey player, b. Brantford, Ont. He played with the Edmonton Oilers (1978–88), Los Angeles Kings (1988–96), St. Louis Blues (1996), and New York Rangers (1997–99). Gretzky is considered the most influential player in professional hockey history; when he retired, he held or shared 61 National Hockey League (NHL) records. In 1981–82, the "Great One" set single-season NHL marks for goals (92), assists (120), and points (212), becoming the first player to achieve more than 200 points, and in 1985–86 he set new single-season assists (163) and points (215) records. He retired in 1999 with the lifetime goal (894), assist (1,963), and point (2,857) records, and was NHL scoring champion ten times and most valuable player nine times. Gretzky became the managing partner of the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes in 2001 and their coach in 2005; he resigned both positions in 2009. In 2016 he became vice chairman of the company that owns the Oilers.
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Wayne Gretsky, the world-famous hockey player, was once asked what made him a great player.
When asked how he plays so well, hockey great Wayne Gretsky says he always skates to where he thinks the puck will be.
Southpaw athletes who have made their lefthandedness work for them are John McEnroe, Bruce Jenner, Babe Ruth, Wayne Gretsky.
In fact, Ultrawheels, another in-line skating manufacturer which brought the sport to the West Coast, is looking to introduce a line named for Gretsky.
The Minister of Optimistic Thinking, Wayne Gretsky, predicted today that more jobs are on the way, and that the government's new job-creation programs would soon bring the unemployment level down below the 70 per cent mark.
Big-time jocks like Larry Bird, Wayne Gretsky and Ivan Lendl showed up, too.
Saumarez ran in the colours of the flamboyant Bruce McNall, owner of the LA Kings ice hockey team, and thus probably was some way down his order of priorities after hockey legend Wayne Gretsky, who also had a share in the colt.
To create organizational systems that make send to you, your staff, and your family," says Vicki Gretsky Owner of Busy Bee Organizing.
Its an optimist's shot, as medium-term optimism is a pre-requisite for cost-price-averaging, but as our second hockey player, Wayne Gretsky, said, "you miss 100 per cent of the shots you do not take".
The LA Kings ice hockey team gave the world the great Wayne Gretsky while more than 200,000 petrol heads make the annual trip to the Long Beach Grand Prix.