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Exploratory roads are laid out in a grid pattern that runs for hundreds of miles east-and-west and north-and-south.
This information thus mapped by the sensing grid pattern can then be played back to review the entire scope of the data.
The Demmeler modular fixturing system features a universal five-sided table made of high tensile strength steel with an accurate grid pattern of bores in the top and the four sides.
When the subjects were asked to look at a coloured grid pattern and see it in black and white, activity in the same region decreased.
The operations consisted of cutting out the cancers and injecting the surrounding tissue in a grid pattern with a cocktail consisting of a chemical called Cistoplatin mixed with sesame oil, Jensen said.
Repeating simple visual elements to create a grid pattern.
He later pioneered the grid pattern of black andwhite squares in a symmetrical shape which are now instantly recognisable to us.
My advice is to make a grid pattern on paper and play with introducing different shapes across the grid.
A single grid cell fires when the eyes focus on multiple discrete locations forming a grid pattern.
The engineered grid pattern of these new ADS geogrid products is the key to their load-bearing strength and support," stated Jim Clemans, vice president of Allied Products, ADS.